It's time, once again, for America's Next Top Model makeovers. Of course, Tyra Banks had to add some crazy (since last week was seriously lacking) with cheesy 'Mission Impossible' themed dialogue. Its cycle 12 Tyra, just cut the girls' hair already!

Here's a quick list of what happened to all the potential models.

Jessica: She needed an edge, according to Tyra, so they cut a few inches off her hair and gave it some more body and curl.

Sandra: The Mohawk needed to go, so they cut it off and dyed her hair blonde.

Allison: Her mousy brown hair turned into a long blonde weave to accentuate her big bug eyes.

Nijah: They just gave her a different type of weave.

Fo: She didn't necessarily have the most dramatic change, but she definitely had the most dramatic reaction. They cut her hair very short and Fo claimed that she thought it made her look "butch." Granted, it wasn't that awesome, but she needed to suck it up a bit.

Celia: Her long blonde hair turned short as well, but she only cried a little bit.

Aminat: Her fro became Miss J's coat. She got a new weave that was long and wavy. Long hair is apparently in this season, for everyone except Fo.

Kortnie: Because she was tan, Tyra said there wasn't much she could do with her. Her brown hair ended up turning red, but nothing like the red of Elina's hair last cycle.

London: Her hair was chopped off and dyed bleach blonde.

Teyona: She got a new weave that was wavy and slicked back. Tyra changed her mind by the end of the episode and said she needed a different look. She'll be getting another makeover next week.

Tahlia: Her hair turned big and blonde.

Natalie: For the first time in Top Model history, someone didn't get a makeover. She already was perfect…or something like that. She did freak out, however when the stylist went at her with scissors. She freaked out and didn't want to get her makeover. Jay Manuel told her that she needed to trust the people she was working with. Other girls seemed a little offended that Natalie didn't have to have anything changed about her.

After the makeovers, the girls went to their Cover Girl challenge. They had to pull a girl off the street and teach her about new cover girl mascara that enhances the color of your eyes. They divided into four teams. London, Tahlia and Jessica had great make up skills, but didn't stay near the make up wall. Allison, Nijah and Natalie also didn't bring their girl to the Wal-Mart wall and explain how to find the product using the display. Fo, Teyona and Kortnie all talked over one another and were considered "too frantic." This left Sandra, Aminat and Celia as the winners. Their only critique was that Sandra was too quiet, but Aminat thought that that helped their team, not hurt them.

Then the girls moved on to their photo shoot. This week it was all about lighting. The girls were in charge of their own light sticks to see how well they could light themselves in a photo. Nigel Barker was the photographer for this rock n' roll themed shoot. A few girls stuck out in good and bad ways. Nigel and Jay were disappointed in the lack of passion coming from Nijah and were bored with Kortnie's photos. According to Nigel, Jessica didn't get lighting at all. Fo broke down on set because she couldn't deal with her new haircut. Jay tried to talk her up saying it gave her an edge and that it made her look taller, but tears were still shed. On the Brightside, they called Teyona a posing genius and said that Celia caught their attention even when she was only an extra in the background.

Even though Teyona needed a new weave at the end of the day, she ended up having the best photo of the week. Celia was a close second with her passion, tension and ability to keep Nigel's eyes on her. Allison, last week's best photo, was called third. Tyra called her the poster child of a quirky, awkward, broken alien like girl. I'm guessing since she was third that's a good thing. Natalie, London, Nijah, Tahlia, Sandra, Kortnie and Aminat followed suit. I was surprised that Aminat wasn't in the bottom two. According to Paulina Porizkova her photo was "disgusting."

The bottom two was Fo and Jessica. Fo was really there because she freaked out about her haircut and they wanted to punish her for not liking what they think helps her look like a model. Jessica, on the other hand, had an angry face in her picture and was sent packing. She was very upset to be leaving and didn't see it coming. She also said that no one had ever told her she wasn't pretty. Didn't she realize she was on America's Next Top Model? This is where pretty is out and quirky is in. She left the NYC apartment saying that she knew she was way prettier than some of the girls left, so it was okay.

Story by Beth Wickman

Starpulse contributing writer