A long-past-its-due relationship is the foundation of Girl's fifth episode, "Hard Being Easy," the first one to focus almost solely on Marnie's crumbling romance with Charlie. The two have had it hard since the pilot: She's ready to move on, but she can't seem to shake him. Because he's just so nice. He doesn't deserve it. He hasn't done anything wrong. You know, all of the excuses a person can make for not breaking up with someone. 

After last week's diary fiasco, Charlie's finally the one taking charge. He knows Manrie doesn't love him the way she used to, and he'd rather end things before they get too hard. So they break up. And for whatever reason, Marnie isn't happy about it. She decides to visit him at his apartment to win him back, before she realizes that she's never actually been to his apartment (this felt kind of stupid to me, but we'll let it slide). She tracks down Charlie's horrible best friend Ray at his coffee shop job – where hey, surprise, he's a total dick to all of his customers – gets the address, and meets Charlie at his place. Which, it turns out, is a pretty cute little Ikea rendering of a single person's nightmare: a one-room studio with a weirdly disproportionate bed and little to no sunlight. The American dream! 

They decided to get back together, start having sex in the little bed, and then... decide to break up again. Because Marnie realizes how sad it's all become. The bed, and a flashback to their first meet-up in college, serve as metaphors for just how lazy their situation has become. Marnie is trapped and Charlie is there to encourage, but not uplift. As hard as it might be for these two, I think it's finally over for good. And hey, now Marnie can have sex with that creepy artist perv who hit on her a few episodes back. 

The Hannah story moves into nearly preposterous territoy, but I almost don't mind given just how funny and uncomfortable it is. At Jessa's insistence, she decides to let her touchy-feely boss have sex with her, for the sake of the book she's writing. How can she write about real life if she doesn't take chances? She doesn't seem super keen on the idea, but goes for it anyway. But her boss, bless his disgusting soul, isn't actually into her. He just likes affection. When she puts the moves on him, he laughs in her face. And when she tries to extort him for his misconduct, he laughs even harder. She decides to quit instead of face further embarrassment. He's sad to see her go, even though she just humiliated him and was also pretty terrible at her job. 

Over in Jessa Land, things continue their downward spiral. I'm sad to see such a promising character go down the tube. All of the mysterious allure of Jessa from the first handful of episodes is brought to a screeching halt. She's now just an annoyingly flighty girl with no moral compass and a lot of unrecognized baggage. An old friend is visiting her from California, and it's pretty obvious from the get-go that they're going to sleep together. He tries to play it off like he's so in love with his new girlfriend, but he doesn't pass up the chance to get it on with Jessa in her new apartment, much to Shoshanna's horror. She looks on from the kitchen because HOW CAN SHE NOT, and when Jessa catches her, she calls her a perv and goes on about her horrible, vindictive business. Sorry Jessa, but you're wearing me thin.