Chaz Bono's girlfriend battled sobriety issues as she came to terms with his sex change procedure.
The singer and reality TV star, who was born Chastity Bono - the daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono - has undergone extensive surgery to become a man, including testosterone injections and breast removal.
Bono legally became a guy last year, but his longterm girlfriend Jenny Elia admits she briefly slipped up in her ongoing battle with booze during his gender transformation.
She tells Piers Morgan Tonight, "I can't blame it solely on Chaz's transition. My sobriety has been a struggle for years, it's been an off-and-on thing for me. I've had periods of sobriety, but when he did tell me he was going to do this I used it (as a) a pass for myself, which only an alcoholic would."
Chaz admits Elia's battle with alcohol hit him hard, revealing, "I was angry. She had in the past fallen off the wagon. I was really scared and worried, but the difference this time was that I really have had to learn to deal with anger. I got really angry and I got really shut down and I put her through a lot and it was hard. We had to work it out in therapy to get back on track."
Elia has now been sober for 14 months and insists she would "like to" marry her boyfriend to put their past problems behind them.
Bono adds, "We've been engaged for two years and we've had to put things on hold."