Girl in a Coma frontwoman Nina Diaz sings, "Oh, I feel so alive," on "Baby Boy," a track from the trio's new album 'Trio B.C.' (out 6/2 on Blackheart Records). A couple of minutes with this pummeling 13-song epic, and you'll know that she isn't fooling around.

Nina spills her guts on 'Trio B.C.'; the intensity of her voice is matched only by her ferocious guitar playing. The rhythm section doesn't hold back, either. Nina's sister, Phanie, is on drums, and Phanie's childhood friend, Jenn Alva, plays bass.

Nina may wear her heart on her sleeve, but the band's influences are subtly woven through a triptych of the last three decades of rock: the new-wave punk of "In The Day," the crunchy '90s alternative of "Static Mind," the moody rockabilly of "BB." The dynamics of all 13 songs on the album can turn on a dime, showing off the band's tightness and their flair for the dramatic.

Producers on the album include Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna, Gabriel Gonzalez (formerly of Sparta), and Greg Collins (U2, No Doubt). Jett and Laguna produced "Vino" and "Joanie In The City." Jett provided vocals and guitar to the latter.

"We chose 'Trio B.C.' as the album title because it was the name of our grandfather's Tejano band way back in the '50s," Phanie explains. "He was our first musical influence. He would play us guitar and sing, and we would love to watch him in the garage with a cold beer in his hand playing his records and singing along like he meant it. His passion is our inspiration." The Diazes' grandfather is also featured on the 'Trio B.C.' album art.

Girl in a Coma released their debut, Both Before I'm Gone, on Joan Jett's Blackheart Records in 2007. Since then they've toured with Morrissey, Tegan and Sara, the True Colors Tour and more.

Track listing:
1. BB
2. Static Mind
3. Vino
4. Baby Boy
5. El Monte
6. In The Day
7. Slaughter Lane
8. Trail
9. Pleasure And Pain
10. Joanie In The City
11. Pink Lemonade
12. Empty Promise
13. Ven Cerca

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