We love power players on television - especially those who happen to be sexy women. Gina Torres plays Jessica Pearson on "Suits," and she's one lady we'd love to have in our corner.

While visiting the set of the show in Toronto, Torres opened up to Starpulse about the new season and some of the things we can expect when learns about Mike's (Patrick J. Hardman) lies and when partner Daniel Hardman returns to the firm.

"(Jessica) is angry that they put the firm in jeopardy," she says about Mike lying about going to law school and Harvey backing him up. "This is her life's work.  This is her baby.  All that we know of Jessica is that she's very driven and that she dedicated herself to this firm.  Her name is on the letterhead, is on the door and so it is a direct reflection of her.  And this coming from somebody that she trusts is a big blow."

At this point, it seems Jessica and Mike's relationship will remain all business and won't get personal like it is between Mike and some of his other colleagues. "One of Jessica's strong suit is that it's very clear that her respect has to be earned.  She's not just taking on anybody on the whim there's too much at stake...The stakes have been established as being very high this season," Torres explained.

And what about the return of Hardman? He's a "son of a pig," Torres proclaimed. "We do we get to see a different part of Jessica. We did get to see her shaken up a little bit...There's a white-hot spotlight on her at the moment and there's a lot going on.  So we'll see."

Jessica's confidence is also stirred when Hardman rejoins the firm. "I like to think of Jessica in the first season as being large, in charge, in control and kind of happy-go-lucky; this is her domain. She just struts down this hallway and she's invulnerable. 

"And now we see we start to see the little chinks in the armor and the scars.  And any woman who gets to that office has some battle scars and has some bodies buried in places.  It would be ridiculous not to think so and so Hardman's reappearance I think speaks to the battles along the way."

Tune in to the second season premiere of "Suits" on Thursday, June 14, at 9/10 central on USA Network.