Channing Tatum had no problems attacking "sweet" mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano for a violent scene in their new all-action movie "Haywire" after she called him a "p**sy."
The "G.I. Joe" star admits he was fiercely intimidated by Carano because he has been a longtime fan, and he struggled to grapple with her authentically for an opening scene in the film when her rogue agent character beats him up - until she took charge of the situation.
Tatum explains, "It comes time to actually have to smash a bottle on her face and she's sitting across from me, and I'm like, 'I can't do this'. And then she called me the 'p' word and it became a lot easier... and then as soon as I did it I realized I had made a huge mistake 'cos the look that came back in her eyes made me do a lot of calculating... I was like, 'I'm probably faster than her; I can get to the door. I can totally, like, get out of here and hold the door shut for a little while."