Years ago a CGI kids-friendly move named Ice Age hit the big screens and it was a universal success. Three excellent comedians came together to make an excellent 'herd' of Ice Age animals: Ray Romano, as the mammoth Manfred, Denis Leary as the acerbic sabertooth tiger Diego, and John Leguizamo as the foolish sloth Sid.

The movie did so well it spawned a sequel, Ice Age: The Metldown, and now on July 1st the third of the series comes out titled Ice Age: The Dawn of the Dinosaurs (in 3-D!). Join our favorite trio and their newest friends in this chapter.

Starpulse thought it would give you an update about the main characters and what to look forward to in this movie; it's like having a cheat sheet!

Manfred, voiced by Ray Romano, started out in the first movie as a real loner. His wife and child were murdered by humans, and ever since he kept to himself. When Sid got in trouble, Manny helped him and then found that saving Sid might've been a mistake; now he can't get rid of him! The two found a human baby and Manny had no interest in getting involved, but once Diego joined them (with nefarious purposes at first), he agreed to get the child back to its herd. By the end of the movie the trio were outcasts from their own kind, so why not make a herd together? In the second movie Manny was convinced he was the last mammoth, but he meets an odd female mammoth who believes she is a opossum. The second movie found the ice age melting and the characters all running to safety, while Manny falls in love with Ellie and finds a new chance for happiness. The third movie starts out with Ellie and Manny planning their new family, and Manny driving everyone crazy with his obsession to make everything perfect before the baby comes.

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Sid, voiced by John Leguizamo, has always been the comedic relief of the movies and the butt of many jokes. Despite all this, it is his heart and compassion which often gets the trio into trouble, but sometimes for the right reasons. He is the one that insisted on saving the human baby, even standing up against the fearsome Diego, and his bravery in that instance really outshines his usual cowardice. In the second movie Sid felt that he was being ignored and disrespected by his friends, and he found a weird cult dedicated to him as the 'fire god.' They believed sacrificing him would end the Ice Age melting. Clearly it didn't, but he learned to appreciate his friends, and they reassured him of their affection for him. In the third movie Sid thinks of making his own family now that Manny and Ellie have a child on the way, and he accidentally becomes 'mama' to a bunch of baby dinosaurs. Uh oh. Sid is the reason they end up in the underground world where the dinosaurs roam free.

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Diego, voiced by Denis Leary, started out as a villain to the series. His tiger pack planned to gain vengeance on the humans who killed their kind, and it was his assignment to kill the baby who Manny and Sid took under their wing. He eventually grew to care about his new friends, and when his leader told him to betray Manny, he chose to save them instead. Diego is gruff, sarcastic, and usually snappish toward the others, but he loves them in his own way. In the second movie Diego dealt with his terror for water and how the ice melting caused it to be all around him. In this movie, Diego realizes he's starting to mellow out too much and lose touch with his tiger side.

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Ellie, voiced by Queen Latifah, is a bit of an odd story. She showed up in Ice Age: The Meltdown. Her parents died when she was a little mammoth, and she was taking in by a family of possums. Her little brothers Crash and Eddie looked after her, and Ellie found love and acceptance with them. When she meets Manny, she denies having anything to do with their kind, and she certainly does not appreciate his affection for her based on 'repopulating the breed.' Still, the two managed to find real love and are now married in the movies. In the third movie she is pregnant and preparing to bring a child into the world, but she is exasperated by her husband's neurotic nature.

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Crash and Eddie, voiced by Seann William Scott and Josh Peck, are Ellie's opossum twin brothers. Their parents took her in when she was lost and alone, and they were raised beside her. She often protected them since they are much smaller, and they in turn are fiercely protective. The brothers are silly and funny, often acting like little children and fighting with one another, but their loyalty is to Ellie and were not that fond of Manfred at first. Now they stick to the married couple like glue and are an extended part of the strange herd.

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Scrat, voiced by Chris Wedge, is known better than all of the other characters of Ice Age because he's the star of most commercials and little sketches. He is a sabertooth squirrel who only wants to find the perfect acorn and store it somewhere safe, but doing so provides constantly difficult for him. He's been frozen in time, thrown off buildings, almost eaten by giant fish, and a multitude of other life-threatening actions. Still he keeps going after that acorn! In this movie we see a pretty female squirrel who plans to take the acorn right away from him. The fiend.

Buck, voiced by Simon Pegg, is a new character for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. His character is a weasel who hunts dinosaurs, and he helps the herd find Sid when he disappears into the dinosaur world. And since it's Pegg, Buck will probably be absolutely hilarious!

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Check out Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs on July 1st, coming everywhere in 3-D!

Story by Chelsea 'Dee' Doyle

Starpulse contributing writer

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