Daniel Vincent Gordh plays William Darcy in the hit online series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - and it's fitting, because like Jane Austen's original Darcy, he's turned more than a few heads. BFTV recently caught up with the multitalented Daniel (he's an actor, writer and comedian!) to talk about the approaching end of TLBD and what else you can see him in.

Co-created by Hank Green and Bernie Su, TLBD is an adaptation of Austen's Pride and Prejudice, modernized and told entirely online, through the video diaries of Lizzie (Ashley Clements) and the characters' use of other social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. It's proven to be a wild success, and Daniel is honored to be a part of it, even if he didn't know anything about the source material when the opportunity came his way. "I came to the table basically having almost no information about Pride and Prejudice. I didn't read it in high school. I knew about it, but I didn't know the story at all when I first auditioned for it," he admitted. "Luckily, I had some time between getting the material and going to my first audition!"

For those folks in the same boat, or anyone who still associate classic literature with the doldrums of high school, Daniel explained that you don't have to know the book to enjoy the web series. "I think the people who have the classic lit perspective of it enjoy the show in an entirely different way than people who don't. We have viewers of our show who know Pride and Prejudice like the back of their hand and we have probably just as many who don't know anything about Pride and Prejudice," he said.

"When you take it out of that academic kind of context that I think a lot of people were introduced to Pride and Prejudice in, you're really just looking at a story, and it's a story about growth and it's a love story and a story about people. It's a perfectly viable story now. I think the adaptation allows these characters to exist fully in the modern day."

And for the up-and-coming actor, the experience has been a wonderful ride. "The best part has definitely been the people. The community of people who work on TLBD is just awesome because we all care so much about the story," he continued. "Because I entered the show late, I was walking into a family unit that was already established, but soon I became very comfortable with everyone. I'm making so many lifelong friends from this show. The work is great, [and] there's a lot of things I'm thankful for, but in the end I think the thing I'll be most thankful for is that I got to go on this journey with this set of people."