George Clooney is obstinate the spy satellite he funds to keep an eye on Sudanese dictator Omar Al-Bashir is an incredible success.

The Michael Clayton star revealed the project could help officials prosecuting the ruler for war crimes, and he is now switching the satellite to Infrared so acts of violence can be caught in the dark.

The 52 year-old actor, who is currently promoting his upcoming film Gravity at the Venice Film Festival, says, "I have a satellite in areas (in Sudan) where there is a lot of violence because we want to keep an eye on some of the atrocities that are going on there and because we want not just accountability but we want to make it more and more difficult to act without ramifications...

"We find that it has been incredibly successful since now the attacks only happen at night or under cloud cover... It is our job to try and shine a light on those places... If it helps at all, it is worth it."

Clooney invested millions in the spy technology which allows him to monitor trouble spots on the border of North and South Sudan from space.