One hundred and fifty filthy episodes later, Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs" is an unqualified hit and has glorified many of the messy, unsung journeymen and women in American society.

Now, after 150 pairs of muddy boots, gloves, pants and other pieces of soiled apparel, Mike Rowe and the 10 most memorable co-workers (as determined by an online vote) are getting together with some of their biggest fans to celebrate the completion Mike's first 150 Dirty Jobs.

This two-hour 150th Extravaganza episode of "Dirty Jobs" premieres Tuesday, October 23 from 9-11 PM (ET/PT) on Discovery Channel and is available in high-definition through Discovery Channel's HD simulcast.

Filmed on location at San Francisco's Garbage Center at Pier 96, Mike's dirty co-workers and special guests will arrive in true "Dirty Jobs" style - chauffeured by San Francisco city dump trucks. At the brown-tie gala event, guests dance to tunes from a Cajun hillbilly band, feast on a roast pig on a spit, play carnival games themed around previous dirty jobs, take turns at a "Dunk-the-Director Dave Barsky Tank," and witness a grand finale display of fireworks that spells out ""Dirty Jobs 150th." Mike even takes the stage for a "Dirty Ditty" concert performance that highlights the former opera singer's talent.

In between the fetid festivities, viewers will visit Kalispell, Montana, where Mike performed his 150th dirty job as a Yak Farmer. Covered in dirt, manure, slobber, spit and wooly fuzz, Mike will roll into action helping the ranch hands comb and collect precious wool from both Yak and Bison. His job duties also include navigating through protective, grumpy mothers to weigh yak newborns out in the pasture.

Also included are ten of the most memorable "dirty jobbers" Mike has worked with over the last 150 jobs, as voted on by the online community. Mike will interview these guests for a look back on their "Dirty Jobs" and find out where they are now, and share never-before-seen outtakes and bloopers.

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