Adam Lambert, runner-up to Kris Allen in this year's American Idol competition, shared a few choice words towards those who hound him about his sexuality.

"Calm down," and "keep speculating," he told

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If anything, the front-runner of the eighth season of American Idol deflected the questions about his sexual preference - his answer to whether or not he would reveal it in a future interview drew a simple "maybe."

Instead, Lambert opened up about being a role model. "It feels really amazing to be able to try and pass that on to kids and young adults who don't have a role model like that," he says. "It feels great because I never had a role model like that.

"Conforming is not cool... Embracing who you are and what makes you different is actually what's really cool ... The kids that are different and out there and expressive and are bold with those choices, those are the people that grow up to be people we all want to hang out with, that become celebrities or become really successful in what they do because they believe in who they are."

It wouldn't be the first time that an American Idol runner-up announced his homosexuality - Clay Aiken did so last September, five years after his appearance on the show.

Story by Casey Johnson contributing writer