After last week’s incredible and shocking episode of Game of Thrones, it was expected that the next chapter would be a bit of a cool down. The aftermath of one of the most satisfying deaths in television history should have been more chaotic, with people scrambling to find their place in this new order. However, most the characters seemed to be pretty blasé about the death of their king. It would have been interesting to see one episode of total disorder before everyone got to fixing the kingdom. Still, the episode had its fair share of good and bad moments. Here are the best and worst parts of “Breaker of Chains:”

Best: Sansa and Littlefinger

Immediately after Joffrey’s purple corpse took its last breath, Sansa was whisked away about Ser Dontos, the former knight who Sansa saved from Joffrey’s cruelty. The image of Sansa in a small row boat in the fog, heading to a mysterious destination, was breathtaking. The ship peeking out of the fog is one of the most stunning images the series has ever done. Even if you aren’t a book reader, you probably could have guessed that it was Littlefinger who was arranging her escape. However, the reveal was filmed in a way that made for a bit of anticipation. I cannot wait to see this duo in action in the coming weeks. With Littlefinger as the Seven Kingdom’s number one know-it-all as her mentor, I can see Sansa transforming into quite the amazing character.

Worst: Stannis Takes Credit For Joffrey’s Death

Bitch, you didn’t do sh!t. Just because Melisandre burnt some slugs and said some names doesn’t mean that everybody with motive to want Joffrey dead suddenly got to working. Although we still don’t know for sure who ordered and pulled off Joffrey’s execution, I can say for certain that Stannis’s boring ass had nothing to do with it.

Best: Tommen gets a Lesson

With Joffrey dead, an aged-up Tommen is the next in line to be king. Since he’s underage, he won’t actually be in power until his 18th birthday. In the meantime, Tywin Lannister has plenty of time to mold him into an obedient king. Tommen, being the non-Satan spawn of Cersei, is a much more amenable version of a Lannister king than Joffrey could ever be. Tywin begins the process of turning him into the perfect mouthpiece for his power grab by teaching him a bit about history, which in turn gives us a bit of insight into the former rulers of Kings Landing. In the guise of a history lesson, Tywin illustrates that kings who were pious, just, and strong all ended up dead. Wisdom, he tells Tommen, is the most important virtue. And true wisdom is doing whatever grandpa says. The entire scene was extremely satisfying. Tywin Lannister knows what he’s doing.

Worst: Oberyn the Prince of Sexposition

When Oberyn was first introduced this season, his first scene revolved around his quest for the perfect prostitute. In the second episode he marveled at flexible models and winked at Loras Tyrell. This is a character who is the first look at the kingdom of Dorne and the famous Martell family. The Martell’s were in power when the Targaryens ruled the throne because Oberyn’s sister was married to the king. His family’s anger at the Lannisters is one of the reasons that the kingdom has been fractured. Oberyn should be a complicated character who is consumed with thoughts of revenge and power. Instead he’s relegated to sexposition scenes that add nothing to the character or the overall mythos of the show. We get it. He likes men, women, and sex. Can we move on yet? Now that Tywin has offered him a place on the small council in exchange for being a judge in Tyrion’s trial, hopefully he’ll have more to do.

Best: Tyrion and His Faithful Servant

Tyrion is two weeks away from his trial and it already looks like hope if all lost. He’s allowed to call witness’s on his behalf but his options are very limited. Sansa is gone. (I loved that he didn’t suspect her for a second. He knows that he’s being framed and that her disappearance is just a part of that. I will miss that pairing a lot.) And to make matters worse, all of his closest allies as being threatened. Bronn is apparently being interrogated and Podrick was offered his knighthood to lie about the poison. Tyrion’s only hope is his brother, Jamie.

Speaking of Podrick, the poor kid is so close to getting murdered. Podrick’s loyalty to Tyrion forced him to deny the offer of knighthood. Tyrion practically begs him to betray him or at least disappear before his untimely death. Hopefully he’ll escape unscathed. If anybody in this stupid town deserves it, it’s him.

Worst: Jamie Rapes Cersei

This does not happen in the books and is massively out of character. In the books, they do have sex next to Joffrey’s body. As disgusting as that is, there was no reason to change Jamie’s character so drastically. Bad change overall.

Best: Arya and the Hound Comedy Duo

Arya and the Hound come across a pro-Tully household and take up their generous offer for food. The Hound, being a full-blooded bastard, insults them any chance he gets, leaving Arya responsible for apologizes for his every grunt. When he steals from the man, she says “You’re the worst sh!t in the seven kingdoms.” This pairing is comedy gold.

Worst: Sam and Tilly

They got two scenes! Why? They make me miss Bran.

Other Musings:

  • Littlefinger: “You’re safe with me. Sailing home.” It sounds like a threat.
  • Another change from the book is that it takes Cersei all of three seconds to start the search for Sansa. You’d think she’d be less clear headed since her dead son’s body is literally in her arms, but Cersei can never give up the chance to find a way to mess with Sansa’s life.
  • Margery and Oleana have a pretty great, if short, scene together.  “One of my husbands preferred the company of men. The other enjoyed torturing animals… I must be cursed.”
  • Jamie says he’s going to protect Tommen. Awww.
  • “You’re a hateful woman. Why would the Gods make me love a hateful woman?” Jamie, you’re not that great either.
  • Shireen teaches Davos to read. So compelling.
  • Tywim mentions the offscreen Greyjoy rebellion and Dany having 3 dragons.
  • “I’m gonna eat your dead mom…” F***ing wildlings.
  • Daario kills a guy in a total Indiana Jones rip-off moment. Also, Dany frees some slaves. Same old, same old.