Ask any Game of Thrones fan who they hate the most on the series, and a majority will answer "Joffrey." While the Lannisters will receive their fair share of hatred (Jaime for his smugness, Cersei for her "family comes first" lunacy), it is the blonde Baratheon that takes the cake - and Jack Gleeson could be taking an Emmy in September.

In a setting with so many grey characters, Joffrey is a stark antagonist. Whereas Tyrion continues to play "The Game" while also flirting with love and attempting to right some wrongs (netting Peter Dinklage an Emmy in the process), Joffrey has no redeeming characteristics. 

Joffrey has become a sadistic bastard (literally) that finds his joy in his enemy's pain. An after being told "Anyone who isn't us is an enemy," constantly by his mother Cersei, he has plenty of enemies. The first season gave us glances, from lying about swordplay to get a boy killed to the "chop heard 'round the world," but in the second season we are finally seeing the truly foul nature of the young lad.

Jack Gleeson has made viewers scream at the television and create loops of him being slapped around on YouTube. He also has us completely sold on Joffrey - his look of glee last night when it seemed he was about to enjoy a prostitute, only to order another to beat her, was eerily real. There was practically a sigh of relief when a phallic-looking tool was used to hit the prostitute instead of in another nefarious way; the viewer now believes that Joffrey's sadistic streak has no end. There was also the complete look of disdain as he pointed his loaded crossbow as his betrothed Sansa, then demanded his guard to rip her clothes off.

Last year Peter Dinklage was rewarded for his take on the sly Tyrion, and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Jack Gleeson was holding an Emmy after his brilliant performance this season.