A cameo used to refer to a famous person who made an appearance in a film as him or herself. Now actors play small parts as a character in a film for comic relief. Most cameos are non-credited due to the shortness of the screen time or because they are so famous they don't need a big credit. Some are publicity stunts. Others pay tribute to that actor's work in a similar role, but they are all for the most part hilarious. Following are 10 of film's funniest cameos in no particular order:

Will Ferrell as the pompous and entertaining Chazz Reinhold in Wedding Crashers

Once an accomplished and idolized wedding crasher, Chazz became a funeral crasher. Chazz' former best buddy and protégé, John, played by Luke Wilson, played a visit to his house to seek advice after a failed wedding crash. The scene turns out to be one of the funniest in the movie when the disheveled and bathrobe clad Ferrell delivers the line, "Hey mom! Can we get some meatloaf? Mom the meatloaf! What is she doing back there? I never know what she's doing." Chazz was mentioned in the film earlier as the master who taught John and his brother Jeremy, played by Vince Vaughn, the art of crashing weddings, but when the audience found out he was played by Ferrell it couldn't have been any sweeter.

Ben Stiller as Arturo Mendes in Anchorman

During the scene where all the San Diego news casters face off in a big brawl, Stiller plays the hilarious host of the Spanish language news station. He enters the brawl with a whip in hand and announces, "Como estan bitches!"

Neil Patrick Harris as himself in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Harold and Kumar pick up NPH hitchhiking, and he ends up stealing their car. Harris' role is hilarious because all he wants is to go find some chicks and get laid, which is ironic since he recently came out of the closet. After Harold and Kumar compliment him on his previous role as Doogie Howser, M.D. Harris delivers the line, "the Doogie line always works on strippers!"

David Hasselhoff as the demanding German Coach of one of the competitive dodge ball teams in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

His coaching methods consist of degrading his players and telling them, "You are all swine! You have brought shame to your houses! Losers!" This cameo is especially funny due to Hasselhoff's intense popularity with the Germans. They love the Hoff!

Harrison Ford as a gay version himself in Jimmy Kimmel's backlash video to his girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, "I'm F'ing Ben Affleck"

After she played in a hilarious spoof titled, "I'm F'ing Matt Damon," he got back at her as he made a video of his own. In this hilarious parody full of celebrity cameos, Kimmel pretends Affleck is his lover and they sing a ballad about their relationship. Ford pulls up in a convertible beside Ben and Jimmy's car and gives them a suggestive look. As he pulls away a bumper sticker on his car is revealed and says, "Honk if you're f'ing Ben Affleck." If you have not seen this video, it is a must!

Tom Cruise and Danny DeVito as Austin Powers and Mini Me in Austin Powers: Goldmember

At the beginning of the movie, a movie within a movie is being filmed and Cruise and Devito, along with a few other celebrities are featured as the main movie characters. It is a surprising cameo because it is at the opening of the film and the viewers have no idea what is going on. There is a car and helicopter chase in the opening scene where Cruise jumps out of the "Shaguar" instead of Austin Powers. DeVito is later shown as Mini Me smoking a cigar and flipping off the faux Powers. The resemblances to both are uncanny!

Bob Saget as himself in Half Baked appearing as a recovering cocaine addict

Saget's squeaky clean Full House is shattered as he stands up in a therapy session and announces (to put it nicely) that marijuana is not a drug because he used to do sexual favors for cocaine. The direct quote from the movie is hilarious but definitely R rated!

Bob Barker as himself in Happy Gilmore

In one scene, Barker beats up Happy Gilmore, played by Adam Sandler, after the two golf teammates get into an argument. Gilmore tries to fight back and screams, "The price is wrong, bitch!" Barker ends up kicking his butt and declares, "Now you've had enough...bitch!"

Ben Affleck as the "gawking guy" in Clerks II

Affleck has starred in many of Kevin Smith's films including Chasing Amy, Mallrats and Dogma. Affleck only is on screen in the movie for about ten seconds but it is a surprise to viewers and very amusing.

Andy Dick as the uncredited Oral Sex Instructor, Barry, in Old School

Dick's crazy and unpredictable personality shines through in this role as he is invited to a girl's only party to show the guests how to give proper oral sex.

Story by Erin Demchak
Starpulse contributing writer