Discover the fantastic power of helping your best friendz in this totally-new, enchanted Bratz movie that will have you looking at the world in a sparkling-new way. When Cloe and Yasmin follow Cymbeline in order to discover an explanation for her strange behavior, they bring to light a secret more amazing than they ever imagined. Using magical glasses, they are introduced to the incredible world of Pixies existing alongside, but completely invisibly to, our own everyday world. The Bratz must enter the stylish and spellbinding nightlife of fairies, where unicorns and gnomes come to life, and the battle between good and evil is even more important than good fashion sense. Don't miss your chance to see for yourself how the bond between true friendz is no fairytale.

The first release in the recently-announced deal between Lionsgate and MGA Entertainment, this full-length feature follows the wildly popular fashion dolls as they venture into the world of pixies, gnomes and unicorns to save a friend in need. The Bratz Fashion Pixiez™ DVD will be available in stores on February 27 and will feature engaging DVD special features including a karaoke music featurette, music video, two interactive games and a first look at the upcoming Bratz Kidz Sleep-Over Adventure ™ movie, the first-ever release starring the popular Bratz Kidz™!

Bratz™ has quickly become one of the world's foremost toy lines and girls' lifestyle brands since its introduction in 2001. With millions of dolls sold worldwide, over 4 million videos/DVDs shipped in just the past two years and more than 500,000 CDs sold, the Bratz franchise is a pop culture phenomenon!

DVD Special Features:
-Karaoke music sing-a-long
-Music Video
-"Pixie Vision" Memory Interactive Game
-"Fashion Stylin" Interactive Game
-First Look at Bratz Kidz Sleep-Over Adventure, the first-ever movie starring the popular Bratz Kidz™ dolls!