Chris Penn allegedly died after a dangerous last supper of steak, alcohol and chocolate milkshakes. The actor is believed to have had a huge heart attack caused by his unhealthy diet and alleged penchant for alcohol and drugs. Chris - who was found dead at his Santa Monica home Jan. 24 - was last seen three days earlier during a nine-hour food and drink binge at local pub Chez Jay.

A close friend is quoted in Britain's News of the World as saying: "He ordered the biggest steak and washed it down with pint after pint of beer and his other favorite drink, chocolate milkshake. Usually he'd think nothing of ordering five steaks, a couple of portions of fish and chips, followed by pints of chocolate milkshake and shots of 130 percent strength whisky. Chris lived on the edge and didn't give a damn about the health risks. If it wasn't food or drink he was having to excess, it was cocaine."

Chris - the brother of Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn - reportedly also regularly splashed out $300 a time on cocaine and also smoked crack. His best friend, actor Bobby Cooper, said: "Chris died because he loved doing everything to the excess."