Things just keep on chugging along on "Eli Stone," despite word of the series' impending doom. This week, Eli (Jonny Lee Miller) takes some time off from wooing rich clients and/or saving the world and instead focuses on helping someone very near and dear to him, his assistant Patti (Loretta Devine). Other continuing storylines concern Jordan's (Victor Garber) disintegrating marriage and the Dowd/Taylor baby saga, the latter of which features a special appearance by Seal. So let's check in on our favorite San Franciscans (well, aside from Danny Tanner of course), shall we?

Fun at the Movies

Eli is going to the movies with Dr. Chen (James Saito), whom he has been spending a lot more time with lately. Chen, knowing that his company is far from desirable, suspects that something is amiss. After all, why else would Eli willingly spend so much time with him? Eli admits that he is lonely, and says he is afraid of getting close to anyone because he happens to ruin the lives of those that get close to him. Chen tells Eli that he needs to start dating again, and tries to set him up on a blind date. Eli at first turns him down, but after being bothered about it for much of the episode, he acquiesces. Assuming that the date does not turn out to be Chen in drag, that seems like a good move (more on the blind date later).

Eli Offers to "Help"

Anyway, at the movies Eli has a vision of Patti. She appears on the movie screen, singing the song "Help" and telling Eli that she needs his help. From this, Eli deduces that he has to help her. When he gets to the office, he finds out that she is indeed in the need of assistance. Seems like her daughter Angela's problems have escalated, and Angela is now being charged with stealing a bevy of drugs from the hospital where she used to intern. Keith (Jason George), having already been involved in this storyline, is brought along by Eli in order to help defend Angela. Only problem? Keith thinks Angie is guilty.

The case goes somewhat well at first, but things quickly get worse once Keith finds an associate of Angela's who comes forward as her drug dealer. Although Angela repeatedly asserted her innocence, this guy appears and says that not only is Angela addicted to cocaine, but that she stole the drugs from the hospital in order to trade for more blow.

Angela eventually admits her problem, then proceeds to attack Patti's parenting skills, and tells her that she has no right to look down upon addiction. Patti slaps her, yells at Eli, and storms out. Eli then talks to Jordan, who provides a little more information about Patti's background. Apparently, before Eli joined the firm, she was Jordan's assistant. In those days, she was a raging alcoholic, and Jordan fears that these problems with her daughter have caused her to fall off the wagon. Sure enough, Eli heads to her favorite bar and finds her drinking away her sorrows. Eli comforts her, and assures her that she can get through this without drinking.

It's a Miracle

Although the case was looking grim (since, uh, Angela did it), things magically take a turn for the better. Keith gets the case thrown out, and from his explanation, it sounds like he managed to bribe the D.A. by providing the location of evidence from a past case he was involved in. It sounds highly unethical, but it serves the purpose of setting Angela free, so we'll go with it. Eli gets her back on the med school/hospital track, and she thanks everyone for saving her life. Patti is also grateful (and not drunk).

Dowd, Taylor and Seal

The other main storyline involves the continuing Dowd (Sam Jaeger) and Taylor (Natasha Henstridge) saga. They are still having a baby, but not all is right in their world. Dowd, who has never before been in touch with his emotions, is crazy about Taylor and feels hurt that she doesn't seem to feel the same way. He has a chat with his new BFF Maggie (Julie Gonzalo), who suggests that he tell her that he loves her, since he hasn't done that yet. Dowd explains that he has a hard time doing it, and wants to make a grand gesture first. He has been trying to get tickets to a Seal concert (Taylor's favorite artist), with no luck. Conveniently, Maggie's new client, Cardiff Refineries heiress and general do-gooder Ashley Cardiff, knows Seal personally. Upon hearing Dowd's dilemma, she makes a call and gets them front row seats.

At the concert Dowd tells Taylor that he loves her, and she says nothing in return. Dowd is hurt, and calls Taylor "the dude" in their relationship. She responds saying that she does not know what she feels, and doesn't want to say she loves him until she knows whether or not she actually does.

Dowd pouts for most of the remainder of the episode. Taylor feels guilty and asks Maggie to request another favor from her client, the heiress. Next thing we know, Seal is at Dowd's apartment, serenading Dowd and Taylor personally. Maybe Seal can take over for George Michael as God this season?

The Blind Date

The episode concludes with Eli finally deciding to go on the blind date that Chen pestered him about. We don't see much of the date, only the beginning. It is enough to see, however, that the woman he is being set up with is none other than Ashley Cardiff: heiress, do-gooder, and client of Eli's erstwhile love Maggie. This is going to be awkward!

Thoughts on last night's episode? Will anything develop between Eli and Ashley? How will Maggie take it? Leave a comment!

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer