Indian actress Freida Pinto takes center stage -- literally -- in the latest video from Bruno Mars.

"Gorilla" features Pinto as an exotic dancer named Isabella, who is also the love interest of the singer in the short film.

The two stars get hot and steamy in the back seat of a car; and the actress flaunts her sexy curves in some hot lingerie. She also shows off some pretty intense pole-dancing skills -- but since we only see her body during those parts it's a good bet producers used a body double. When she's not on the pole, it's all Freida though.

Two fellow dancers vow to ruin her budding career and threaten to expose her love secret, but as the patrons of the club make it rain it becomes pretty obvious that her job is safe, no matter who she's sleeping with.

The video, in Spanish except for Mars' lyrics, features a cameo from Luis Guzman as the club's DJ, who introduces Isabella as, "caliente... caliente... caliente!"

The song features on Mars' latest album, "Unorthodox Jukebox".