Frankie Muniz is planning a move into politics - the actor has revealed he's preparing to run for public office.
The former child star, who was a hit on comedy show "Malcolm In The Middle," told his followers on Twitter he's planning a campaign to run for office, reportedly in his adopted state of Arizona.
He writes, "I'm going to be a politician. I'm running for public office. I will be announcing soon."
But Muniz's political takeover won't be immediate - the 25 year old added "#Muniz2016" to his Twitter feed, meaning his plans won't take place for another five years.

The actor made headlines in February after an altercation with his girlfriend Elycia Turnbow, during which he reportedly held a loaded gun to his head.

Muniz's rep subsequently slammed reports he was suicidal and insisted a "gun played no part" in the feud.