Jordana Spiro/Dr. Grace Devlin.  Even as a self-diagnosed hopeless romantic, I get tired of shows centered on young ingénues who prance about some alluring metropolis in designer dresses and five-inch heels, lamenting about their love lives and split ends more than their careers.  Star Jordano Spiro (“My Boys”) breaths a strong-shouldered spirit into Dr. Grace Devlin, a woman who protected her little brother from the burden of her abusive childhood all while striving to become a talented and accomplished surgeon.  She saves lives, thus she barely wears any make-up and probably doesn’t even own a stitch of pink, and more importantly, she isn’t cowed by intimidating surgeons with God complexes or powerful and/or corrupt men.  She is a wild horse, bucking in the reigns of the mobster’s control.  It may be to her detriment, but it’s to the audience’s delight.  

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