Everyone knows that, sometimes, hip-hop tries to blow your ears apart with loud beats and obscene lyrics. Despite this, some of the world's most respected women love hip-hop. This shows that a dental implant specialist to a natural supplements sales expert and everyone in between love hip-hop. Who would have ever guessed?

Natalie Portman

Remember when Natalie Portman rapped on Saturday Night Live? That might have been more fact than fiction.

According to an interview with Portman, she really loves dirty rap music. The more obscene, the better. She even loves the Yin Yang Twins, which really tells you something about her. While she looks like she would talk about custom window treatments she would probably rather be talking about the newest and hottest rap mix tape.

Portman usually comes across as a cutesy, intellectual snob. Come on, she went to Harvard long after she had become a successful actress. It's not like she chose an Ivy League school to better her career. She just wanted to challenge herself and learn.

Even though Portman can seem a bit dorky at times, maybe it's time to reevaluate that image. After re-watching her rap, she seems like a tiny terror ready to pop a cap.