Kimberly Caldwell is further proof that there is success after American Idol. The one-time contestant on the FOX singing competition is continuing to move forward, with her new single 'On The Weekend' and hard at work on her next album, which she took a break from to chat with BFTV.

"I'm still in the studio right now. We started 4-5 months ago," she explained of the forthcoming "80's inspired" record, which she calls "the best thing i've ever been a part of musically. [My collaborators] definitely inspired me and challenged me to write bigger and better and out of the box."

How did she come up with 'On The Weekend'? Kimberly said, "It's about my friends, because I don't have celebrity friends or anything like that. All my friends are working 9 to 5 and I get to hear all the complaints about it. But on the weekends they're badasses. I took actual words out of their mouth and put them into lyrics.

When it comes to other tracks on the album, "I wrote a song called 'You and Me,'" she continued, "And then we have another one called 'Tied Together' that is about my little sister. We've just been kind of through hell up and down. I sort of wrote the story of our lives together. And then this new one we wrote, called 'I Swear I'm Never Drinking Again,' is really great. We would love to get [the record] out by the end of the summer."

You can check out the lyric video for 'On The Weekend' below. A download of the song is available on her website.

While you're waiting for the new album, there's still a lot more about Kimberly for audiences to uncover. As far as music goes, "My first album I'm very proud of, because I also co-wrote about half of the album," she said. "The song that's my favorite from the first album is called 'Say Love.' It's so funny to see what you write in different stages of your life!"

She's also branched out in her career with acting and hosting opportunities, and we asked her if those will remain part of the picture in her future. "Acting, I really enjoy doing it but it's nothing I've really gone after," she told us. "I did a guest spot on Franklin and Bash recently where I played a roller derby coach, and it was so much fun. And if something else pops up I'll totally go, but I definitely think there's people who have trained their whole lives to be actresses. I'm great for being in front of the camera, but I've trained my whole life to sing. Hosting, I love hosting. I'll probably do it hopefully for the rest of my life."

Kimberly has even started her own business venture. "I actually make leather handbags," she revealed. "I live in Vancouver and Los Angeles; my boyfriend actually plays for the Whitecaps [hockey team]. So when I'm not working in LA, I'm here, and I got bored, so I decided to learn how to sew. I have a handbag line called Stage Presents. You can go to [and] actually buy or design your own handbag." Pretty cool stuff!

Yet she recognizes the role that American Idol has had in her success. "When I did American Idol, I had no idea that it would become the phenomenon that it is and I had no idea that it would be attached to my name for the rest of my life," she reflected. "I had been working as a kid, since I was little. I did Star Search when I was 11 years old. And then I did Popstars on The WB. I did two shows a day, six days a week in Branson, Missouri in my teenage years. I just thought it was something else that I was going to go and do.

"Even though it was a shocker to find out how big it became, it's something I'm proud of. To be on literally the biggest show in America and to be kind of in the same category as some of my favorite artists who have come off the show. The reason a lot of people know my name is because of American Idol."

And there's nothing that energizes Kimberly quite like crafting new music. "This new album, every single word that's on there I approved or wrote myself. It's almost a little more personal," she said. "When I'm sitting in the studio and we get done writing a song and we go in and we demo it, and we realize 'We just created that. We just wrote that,' I don't think for me there's a better feeling.

"[When] we do it for real and we hear it become a song, a piece of art, that's the best feeling in the whole world. I've done quite a few shows lately, and when the fans start singing the one point you had a pen and a blank piece of paper, and then you have other people singing along to these songs and loving them and enjoying it."

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