The new family film Flipped tells a story of a bygone era. A boy and girl living in the ‘60s discover their first love. The film’s director Rob Reiner likes to go back in time like he did for Stand By Me. However, that was in the ‘80s. Now the gap is 40-some years and his young starlet thinks modern day kids will be in for a shock.

“I think it’ll be cool for them to be able to see how it was back then,” Madeline Carroll said. “Kids are so obnoxious nowadays. I really didn’t realize it until I read this script and then it wasn’t just a script, people actually lived in those days. Wow, they were so much nicer and pleasant, I guess, to be around. Kids nowadays, I remember when I was in school, they were just rude, even to the teachers and stuff. The kids in the classroom are sitting up straight. I think it’ll be cool for them to watch just to see how it was back then.”

Carroll doesn’t have much hope for her peers. The era of Flipped can only be a thing of nostalgia. “They can remember how they were when they were younger but kids in middle school, that’s a far stretch. In that way they’ll definitely I think remember, but in the way of having manners and all that stuff, there’s no way.”

Flipped tells the story from two points of view. First, Bryce (Callan McAuliffe) messes things up. Then we see Julie (Carroll)’s point of view and realize how Bryce got it wrong. Get used to it, kids. Girls always know more than boys.

“Yeah, I think girls from a young age know what they want and boys kind of have to keep up and catch up to them. Even in Kindergarten, girls are pretty much the ones that like the boy first and the boys are like oh, I want to play with my trucks.  They think it’s not cool. I think girls are definitely more ahead than boys.”

Flipped opens wide this weekend.