Since there are still too many girls for Flav to get to know on "Flavor of Love," he had to do yet another competition. Flav was roasted on Comedy Central, so he thought it would be funny for the girls to do their own Flavorettes Roast. The host of this event was the lovely Sommore, who is an incredible actress/comedian.

Team 1 consisted of Shy, Thing 1 and 2 (and boy do I have something to say to Flav about them), Prancer, Myammee, and Sinceer. Team 2 consisted of Bunz, Grayvee, Bee Ex, Hotlanta, and Seezins. It may be safe to assume that Team 1 had an edge based on the fact that they had six teammates instead of five, but Team 2's roast was pretty pathetic.

Team 1 decided to roast Hotlanta (big surprise, she's their biggest threat in my book), and Shy took it to a whole new level. She looked like she was having a seizure because she was getting a little too involved, especially since she went off the map and started going after Bunz. Roasts are meant for fun, but maybe she missed that part?

Prancer's portion of the roast was surprising. She got up and did her thing, and at the beginning it looked as though this was going to be one long speech, but she was impressive. It all got a little too far when the girls started accusing Hotlanta of having herpes. More on that later.

The long and short of Team 2 was that they were...a disaster. They had no stage presence, no guts and no real material to go off of. Some people aren't experts at pointing out the flaws on everyone else. Flav asked the audience at the roast to pick their favorite team by cheering. It was a no-brainer that Team 1 brought home the bacon.

The group of girls picked the best out of the two that performed well (Prancer and Shy) and ended up taking Shy out on a solo date. He took her to an aquarium where they stood in a tank with sharks while trainers fed them. Their date was after the shark adventure in an underwater room. He gave her a kiss, got a whiff of her breath and went as far as offering her a mint! Ouch.

Then...we are brought back to the house where we see Hotlanta busting out some of her stripper moves. Up until this point, I had NO IDEA that Hotlanta was a stripper. It makes me sad because she was my pick of the season. I still think she'll win, but Flav had problems with a stripper in a previous season where he didn't want his kids growing up around that. She tried to tell him that she didn't have herpes, but he still wouldn't kiss her until he found out. Good call.

Flav took the rest of the girls out on a group date to a water park that he had rented for the entire day they could have it to themselves. Included on the group date was Bee Ex, who was on the losing team. Flav wanted her to be there since she has yet to go on a date with him. It is here that the twins ask Bee Ex if she had been on TV before. Bee Ex replied that her cousin has worked with Alicia Keys and Missy Elliott. Besides that nothing; or so we thought.

We are then taken back to the house AGAIN to find that a doctor arrived to find out if Hotlanta actually had herpes. He took a sample of the bump on her lip for tests, and when he left she said she was worried. What is she worried about? If she knows she doesn't have the disease, then who cares? Either she's being dramatic or she really has herpes. Keep your shirts on, there's still more to come...

We FINALLY have the bathtub scene, and I am thankful to say that it was about as G-rated as a bathtub scene with twins could be. Just some kissing, which was interrupted by Bee Ex going in to explain to Flav that she had been on Fear Factor for a day. Now, I liked Bee Ex from the get-go. She has a good head on her shoulders, but this might've been something to mention a long time ago. Maybe she was waiting for her chance to be alone with him before she brought it up, so it wouldn't look like she was just here for TV. Who knows. Earlier would've been better.

After all the girls left his room, Grayvee came upstairs with her signature favorite dish - Pigs Feet. She could not have made a more wrong move. Prancer received her clock first, and I think she deserved it because she was shy about getting up on stage to roast Hotlanta. Shy was next, as if there was any doubt, followed by Myammee and Thing 1 & 2. I was real unhappy when I found out those two were still on the show. I think they're dangling the possibility of a three-some in order to stay on the show a little longer. Really, though, they need to get off.

After the twins came Sinceer, Bunz, and Seezins. Hotlanta was second to last. Flav had a dramatic envelope opening to reveal the results of the test to find out if she really had herpes. Which, of course, was a big fat NO. It was just a zit, and if you've never had acne before get over yourself. Not every bump on someone's face is herpes.

The last girl to get her clock was Bee Ex, and while I like the girl, I think the only reason she survived this round was because Grayvee tried again with the pigs feet. That ended up killing her in the end and she was sent home. Flav's reason: "She's too country for ya man!"

Next week's episode consists of small children and...fairies? I guess that is how some of the girls handle little kids. We will see who winds up on top and who winds up like New York. Don't touch that dial! See you in a week!

Recap by Kristin M. Koltz
Starpulse contributing writer