On this episode of Flavor of Love, we are given a chance to learn about the new girls. They are given nicknames: Black, Prototype, Luscious D, and Tree. Tree is, quite obviously, the tallest girl in the house. Some of the older girls think she may be a man. Jury's still out.

Flav began the episode by saying that if the girls know where they stand with him than they shouldn't be scared about the new girls. This was an interesting beginning because it ended up being extremely relevant at the end of the episode when he sent one of the girls home. This week's challenge was the "Flavor Flav Hip Hopera." A script was already written for the first two acts, which were meant to show Flav's past love experience with women. This showed his relationship with Brigitte Nielsen and about experience with New York and Delishis (there were most likely more, but we didn't see them).

The third act was written by the girls and was meant to show Flav where the girls hope to take their futures with him. Prancer's rap was the most controversial, hinting that she and Flav were possibly fooling around during her nightcap from the previous night. After the show, Flav gives out his awards to the best performers. The new girl Prototype and Sinceer both won a date with Flav for the next night.

The next morning the new girls decide to make Flav breakfast in bed, and since none of the other girls did anything like that for him he was very impressed. The new girls make a rap about how dirty and disgusting the house was before they got there and how they cleaned it up. Flav feels as though he can trust these new girls, so he decides that they should interview the old girls to decide who should get the immunity clock.

The winning girls accompany Flav to the Santa Anita racetrack. It is, by far, the most pointless date he has been on since the show began. The one thing that he discovers on the way back to the mansion is that Prototype is trying to be a professional model. Sinceer decides to grill her about it and Prototype admits everything in front of Flav.

Meanwhile, the new girls are interviewing the old girls, and the new girls decide that out of all of them the one that is most likely here for Flav is Thing 2 (the skinnier twin). Flav sits down with the new girls to discuss what they learned about the old girls, and they tell him to give Thing 2 the immunity clock. This has got to be the most hilarious part of this episode. He gets the Twins' clock, brings Thing 2 out to talk to her about giving her the immunity clock, and he draws a line down the middle of the clock to show that from now on the girls are going to be seen as two separate individuals. FINALLY. The best part about this, however, is that Flav mistakes Thing 2 for Thing 1 on the clock. Oops! So, to make up for his stupidity, he takes off his own clock and puts it around her neck. He said it was a huge deal because no one has gotten his own clock before.

Flav gives all the new girls clocks even before eliminations, which was strange since Prototype was spouting off about her modeling experience in the car. Maybe he wasn't listening? He has a tendency to stare in other places during a conversation. During eliminations, Flav called Sinceer, Seezinz (who should've gotten her clock first since she directed the Hip Hopera), and Thing 1. Thing 1??? Seriously? Man, oh man. What will it come to next? Isn't the reason he split them up was so that he could get rid of one? The final two in eliminations were Hotlanta and Prancer. Flav calls Hotlanta to the front and tells her that if she can convince him why she should stay she would get a clock, even though the one in his hands was Prancer's clock. Hotlanta said that she is real, genuine and that she doesn't "kiss and tell."

This confused Flav, and as Hotlanta explained it, Sinceer helped her out! What a shocker! Sinceer was completely against Hotlanta, what the heck happened? It didn't matter because Sinceer told Flav that Prancer's rap was suggestive and that she was giving others the impression that the two were doing "adult" things together. Flav didn't appreciate Prancer giving a false impression, so he sent her home. Hotlanta received Prancer's clock.

Next week is sure to be crazier than all the past episodes. There is a mock wedding, people arguing again about money, and a funeral? What has the world come to? Hey, at least Hotlanta is still there! Yeeeeaaaahh Boooooy!

Story by Kristin M. Koltz
Starpulse contributing writer