Two seasons ago, Flavor Flav began his search for his one true love on "The Flavor Of Love." His first season ended briefly after Hoopz announced at the reunion, “It’s like that but it’s not like that.” It didn’t matter that the two didn’t work out; everyone was just relieved to see that he didn’t pick New York. As crazy as the two of them are, no one really wanted a lunatic to win. After all, she ended up with Tailor Made after two seasons of I Love New York. As for season two, does anyone really know what happened to Deelishis?

Word on the street is that he didn’t give her a single call after the season ended. This is a bit strange, since she gave the impression that she was a down-to-earth and genuine person, especially when it came to the issue of his numerous children (more on that later). Didn’t he dismiss New York a second time in order to be with her? Something must’ve happened between the end of the show and the reunion to cause a premature break-up. The plot thickens…

To be honest, I had strong beliefs that he was going to ignore everything people said at the reunion and announce that he and New York finally gave in and decided to be insane together for ever and ever, amen. I gathered this opinion shortly after Deelishis started getting all huffy as soon as New York was getting interviewed at the reunion. To me, it seemed to hint at the equation that New York had been with Flav in the short period after the end of season two.

Alas, this was not to be. So what did happen to Deelishis? The jury is still out on whether or not the rumors are true, but here is what is being said: Flav fell hard for a mystery girl and got her pregnant. No surprise there. After all, he does have seven children. Here’s the real kicker: not only is this mystery girl pregnant with little Flav #8, but word is they are now engaged. Yes, you read that right. Don’t adjust the monitor on your computer.

Here is the catch (no, what I just wrote wasn’t the catch). After season two ended, he had already signed on to do a third “Flavor of Love.” Check was written, expectations were made, and Flav went and got some woman preggers. And not only that, but he got ENGAGED.

Yeah boy! Flavor Flav engaged? He has made a public statement that the rumors are not true, but I would venture to say that was just a cover up so people don’t stop watching the show. I totally wish I was making this up, maybe then I could make a ridiculous amount of money writing scripts for “reality” TV shows, which brings me to my next few points.

It’s going to be a little difficult to watch this season. My first question about the show is: are you willing to believe reality TV in the first place? Second, are you willing to believe THIS reality TV show after learning all this? I just don’t know.

I’ll tell you what I think could happen: What would you think if one of the girls on the show is his fiancé? I’m not asking this because I have an “inside” source or because I know anyone on the show who has already told me everything. I just have a feeling about one of them.

Keep your eyes on Hotlanta. If it doesn’t end up being her, I will need some Mylanta to stomach the rest of this season. Especially since most of the girls can’t seem to shut their yappers for five seconds at a time. I may not be an expert on what Flavor Flav wants in a girl. I can tell you one thing, though. It gets old…fast.

That’s my take on the show. I could be wrong, but given that this is an early prediction, make of it what you will.

I will run by two more aspects of the show that will help sway you to the dark side:

1. Hotlanta knew that it was her clock on the first episode. It’s not really being psychic if you know someone well enough to know what their facial expressions mean.

2. Flav always said he wanted 10 kids. Right now, he has seven. Hotlanta has three boys. You do the math.

Story by Kristin M. Koltz
Starpulse contributing writer