I must admit that I’ve been glued to the TV every Sunday night, watching to see what drama will unfold on the TLC reality show, “Breaking Amish.” This show, which follows four Amish people and one Mennonite as they leave country-living behind for New York City, is a delectably satisfying television treat.

In case you haven’t yet tuned in, here’s my top five reasons why you need to check out the Amish antics of Jeremiah, Abe, Sabrina, Kate and Rebecca.

Honest Abe

My favorite thing about Abe is his consistency. He seems like the most grounded member of the group – knowing who he is and what he stands for, whether in the Big Apple or out on the farm. When Jeremiah took Abe to a strip club, Abe promptly stormed out, calling it disrespectful but promising to wait out front for Jeremiah so he wouldn’t have to go home on his own. And then there’s Abe's attempt at wedding ring shopping. The first ring he liked had a $40,000 price tag and after hearing that, without the slightest bit of shame or self-consciousness, Abe asked the salesman if he had anything for closer to $200. You’ve gotta love an earnest young man with a heart of gold – even if that’s probably all the gold he’s likely to ever have.

Crazy Kate

Where to begin? Even in her personal video diaries – where there’s no one around to impress, confuse or frighten – this Amish chica is more than a little creepy with her whispery rants and bi-polar mood swings. You never know if what she’s saying is true and the best part is that it doesn’t really matter. The fact that this wild child of the corn shows off nearly as many personalities as Sybil is pretty entertaining, sincere or not.

Virtuous Voyeurism

Something about knowing that you’re watching some of the most pious people go off the big city deep-end makes you feel better about your own youthful missteps. Whether it’s drunk Kate riding a mechanical bull or Jeremiah getting a highly-forbidden tattoo, it makes you admire the balls it takes for these devout souls to risk not just the scorn, but the potential of their friends and family shunning them forever.

The Art of Shunning

As someone who is not Amish, I am utterly fascinated by the act of shunning. Not only do I wish I could go around shunning people, but I also have a secret desire to be just bad enough to get myself shunned – just for a while. However, with the antics these kids have gotten up to throughout the season, it’s likely that more serious shunning measures are in store for them than what the cameras have captured.

False Teeth and Fashion

Rebecca’s false teeth revelation was shocking, even though it shed light on why she talked the way she did – and learning that all her teeth were yanked out with pliers in the living room was simply appalling. Seeing the group transform from their Amish clothes to city duds was also fun and it makes the narratives in their traditional garb even more delightful now that we’re so used to seeing them in "English clothes."

Have you checked out "Breaking Amish" yet?

About the Author:  Lisa is a part time writer for www.Satellitetv.com, and recently started writing a column for Starpulse titled “5 Fun Facts”.  Make sure to check it out every Friday!