What were you doing when you were 6 years old? In the new trailer for Ender's Game, Ender is saving the world.

Of course, in the film adaptation of the Orson Scott Card sci-fi classic, the kids are closer to 16 - we guess the production was gun-shy on the prospect of having a dramatic role in the hands of a group of 6 year-olds.

Instead, we have Asa Butterfield in the titular role (you may recognize him from Hugo), with Abigail Breslin and Hailee Steinfeld as his sister and classmate, respectively. All three of the young stars have been nominated for Academy Awards during their short careers.

In the two-minute preview, it is hinted that humanity has already suffered a massive defeat using conventional tactics against an alien menace. To train for the next engagement, the International Fleet find the best young children and send them to Battle School, where highly-tactical war games allow them to lead fleets of space ships.

An aging colonel (Harrison Ford) quickly sees Ender's potential, but not his humanity ("You really don’t see them as children, do you?" asks Viola Davis' character). Ender is also put under the wing of war hero Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley), whose victory against the alien menace is constantly used as a propaganda tool to support the International Fleet.

A strong cast and some slick visuals will make the wait until November 1 that much harder.