This is it folks – the lethal ladies have come home to roost...and do some dame damage! 

We’re finishing off our homage to the upcoming "LETHAL LADIES OF HORROR FILM FESTIVAL" happening this Saturday, March 29, 2014 (aka tomorrow!) at the famed Crest Theatre in Westwood in LA beginning at 6pm with a final tribute vid!


Today’s clip is a favorite of our featured guest below with a fight between little Alison Lohman and the sinister Lorna Raver all ala Sam Raimi for our fest film selection "Drag Me To Hell."  Staples, car crashes and teeth flying - check out the clip below:



Plus since "Lethal Ladies Film Festival" hits tomorrow we thought we’d give you fans a special pre-fest treat in the form of some enlightening Q&A and who better to give a little insight into murderous mavens then a female horror aficionado?  So we sought out one of the coolest gals in the horror community today.  Someone who has a firm handle on all things scary and has the knowledge, smarts and moxie to back it up.  Besides, who better than the co-host of "The BloodCast" and total genre fan Clarke Wolfe to ring in the coming of the ladies who are lethal?  So in a fun chat below Clarke gives some distinctively female insight into what makes a lady truly lethal, chats about her favorite horror films of all time, plus answers the ultimate question of who would win in a fight amongst our in-person characters from their respective films.  We love her, we adore her, we bow before her horror prowess – here’s...





How does someone like you get into digging horror flicks?

Clarke Wolfe: Funny thing is my brother was really into them – I was always into them but I was scared.  I was very easily scared by a lot of things.  I was more into dark fantasy films as a kid because they seemed a little less threatening if that makes sense!  So for me as I got a little older and could process horror a little bit better mostly in my high school years, that’s when an interest in horror came about.  My parents are very political people and very politically aware and so the thing that was always very interesting to me was politics in horror films.  That’s what I studied when I was in college – political commentary in horror and sci-fi.  Genre theory.

That’s awesome!

CW: Yeah, so I’m a nerd through and through!  (Laughs)

So what is your favorite horror film of all time?

CW: I have five!  One of them you are showing at your film festival.  Do you know what it is – can you guess?

It’s got to be "Drag Me To Hell!"

CW: It sure is "Drag Me To Hell!"  And I know it’s a new one, but for me "Drag Me To Hell" essentially encapsulates all of my favorite things about Sam Raimi and does that with a budget.  And on top of that it has a female protagonist, so "Drag Me To Hell" is definitely one of them.  "The Exorcist."  When I saw "The Exorcist" when I was twelve, which was way too young, I quite literally could not sleep well for a year.  "Scream" is another.  Also, in no particular order, "The Hills Have Eyes" remake, Alexandre Aja’s film and John Carpenter’s "The Thing."

So what do you think makes a lady truly lethal in horror?  (Feel free to use examples!)

CW: Wow – it’s an interesting question.  Just a little background on me; I host "The BloodCast" on GeekNation with Ryan Turek from Shock Till You Drop and someone asked me recently about "The Lords of Salem."  "The Lords of Salem" was actually my favorite horror film that came out last year.  And a lot of people were like how can "The Lords of Salem" be your favorite horror film of last year when Heidi is such a weak character?  She’s human.  And I think it’s important when you’re looking at horror films and any film in general - I like those characters that are human.  The thing I like most about someone like Ellen Ripley in "Alien" is that it doesn’t matter if she’s a woman or a man, that character just doesn’t want to be killed by an alien.  I like that idea of a person figuring it out.  With Heidi in "The Lords of Salem" she doesn’t have to be perfect, she doesn’t have to be Sidney Prescott.  When it comes to a lethal lady or a strong horror heroine I think it’s a girl who seems like a real person.


Amongst the myriad of murderous mavens in the genre which one is your all time favorite and why?

CW: I really like Jamie Lee Curtis and I love the Carpenter leading ladies.  Whether it’s Adrienne Barbeau or someone like Jamie Lee.  Women who use the resources around them.  Ellen Ripley – I’ll say Ellen Ripley.  In "Alien" – not "Aliens."  I like the first one better!  But there’s also something really interesting and unapproachable about Sidney Prescott in "Scream," she’s almost too perfect and she’s hard to relate to in a lot of ways – even though in a lot of ways I really am a lot like her in my own personal life.  But I also really love the Rachel McAdams character in Wes Craven’s "Red Eye."  She’s a really proactive smart woman but approachable and flawed and not to refined - I like her as well.  

If you were yourself a lethal lady of horror would you rather be Esther from "Orphan" who knows she’s evil and hides it or Marie from "High Tension" who is unaware of her homicidal side?

CW: Oh, I’d rather know – for sure.  My favorite thing to see any actor do is to play the villain.  I like actors who really sink their teeth into – no pun intended – villainous roles because there’s something about a performance where the actor is enjoying every wicked moment of what they are doing.  As people who live in a “civilized society” we’re not supposed to indulge those parts of our personality, so I love watching people who are villains.  They’re just evil because that’s who they are and they f#cking own it – I love that!       

At Lethal Ladies Fest we’re featuring "Drag Me To Hell" (with evil gypsy woman Lorna Raver), "Night of the Comet" (with valley girl gun toting leads Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney) and "Christine" (with the possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury used in the film – only one of two left!).  In your opinion which of our featured Lethal Ladies characters would be left standing if there were a three way fight?

CW: It’s not just because it’s one of my favorites, but Mrs. Ganush is just ruthless.  That woman is not f-ing around and the thing that’s scary about her is that her curse on you is meant to endure even long after the fact.  So definitely Mrs. Ganush for sure – although "Christine" is probably a close second!

Want to thank the amazing Clarke Wolfe for taking time to talk Lethal Ladies! (And yes, she will be attending the fest too!)  You can check her out on the web at: 




Plus check her and Ryan Turek on The BloodCast:


And we hope to see all of you out at The Crest tomorrow for one hell of a good Lethal Lady time!