Before the advent of Pimp My Ride, there were already a bunch of mean machines that everyone wanted a chance to get behind the wheel of. There were computer controlled rides, cars that seemed to be indestructible, and other vehicles that just looked cool. Here is a list of some of those rides that we'd like to take for a spin.

A-Team Van, The A-Team
The indestructible conveyance of the indestructible A-Team, the van never seemed to take any damage, just like the guys, which was a product of their time slot and the censors. So, no blood, no deaths, and no problems for the van. One of the most noticeable rides ever, with its black and red two-tone paint job, the A-Team van was just like a member of the team, only more reliable.

General Lee, Dukes of Hazzard
It's the ride of the good old boys of Hazzard County, Georgia. What's not to like? You had to slide into this sucker because the doors wouldn't open and no matter what you took it off of, it landed on its wheels and kept on trucking. The preferred form of escaping redneck cops everywhere, the General Lee was even good enough for Daisy Duke to get a ride in, which makes it a singular driving experience. Couple that with what has to be rocket boosters hidden somewhere to make all those jumps, no list of classic tv cars would be complete without this one.

KITT, Knight Rider
KITT was the epitome of technological innovation. The onboard computer systems ensured that his less intelligent human co-pilot didn't get into too much trouble chasing the ladies. KITT is something everyone could use in their car, he's a GPS with feelings and a dry sense of humor. The combination just can't be beat!

Batmobile, Batman TV Series
Let's be clear here. We're talking about the crazy black and red batmobile that Adam West used to cruise around in. Although the movie batmobiles had all the high-tech toys and the futuristic looks, this batmobile made up in style for what it was missing in modern conveniences. This thing was the personification of cool with the big black and red spoilers and roll cage. Batman must have been picking up chicks left and right with his ride. In between that he would foil the plots of the Joker, the Riddler and the Penguin, but his real business was done cruising in his batmobile.

Mystery Machine, Scooby Doo
Not the coolest looking ride on this list by far, but the Mystery Machine had something else going for it - the experience, man. You know something was going on in that backseat. Shaggy and Scooby were always munching, and the ideas always came out of the front seat. That was no coincidence. We'd like to get in some of that. It couldn't have been dull traveling around in the Mystery Machine.

Ecto-1, Ghostbusters
The blaring alarm of this ride is all I need to want to get behind the wheel of this behemoth. The other perks are that there is convenient space to stow your proton packs...just don't cross the streams please. Ecto-1 is the the number 1 vehicle when chasing supernatural problems and running away from them and nothing ever sticks on the upholstery, not even slime.

Ferrari from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The rest of these rides have something unique about them, special features if you will. This Ferrari isn't like the others in that respect, but it is a cool ride and is responsible for one of the best 80s movies ever. We would give anything to have been in the backseat that day. Ferris knew how to show people a good time, and it turned out in the end that this was the final ride of this classic car - the last ride, if you will. Movie magic.

DeLorean, Back to the Future
What more is there to ask for? It's a cool looking car with those wing doors and the ability to travel back and forth through time. This ride might not have been so cool when it was first introduced to consumers, but after Doc Brown got done tinkering around with it, this car had the one feature no other car could offer.

What car would you like to take for a spin? Make a comment!

Story by Larry Grodsky
Starpulse contributing writer