Sometimes wishes do come true. For fans of Fenix TX who wished for reconciliation after the band's sudden break-up in 2002, the dream will become reality on November 8 when the highly anticipated Purple Reign In Blood - Live album (with enhanced CD featuring a live video of "Katie W") will be released. The band launched an extensive tour in Cleveland on October 7 to bring the celebration directly to their anxious fans. The Drive Thru Records-sponsored trek-which also features Allister, Houston Calls, Day at the Fair and Denver Harbor--concludes December 4 in Chicago.

Recorded in Tempe, AZ on August 19 at The Club House, Purple Reign In Blood - Live presents the band performing their first show together in three years with all their popular staples (including "All My Fault" and "Phoebe Cates") and covers of Peter Schilling's classic '80s new wave hit "Major Tom (Coming Home)" and Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Fortunate Son." The support that the Arizona music community has shown the band over the years made it a no-brainer for Fenix TX when choosing the spot to record the album.

In addition to traditional retail outlets, starting Wednesday, October 26, PURPLE REIGN IN BLOOD - LIVE will be sold at every stop along the tour route.

During their time together, Fenix TX--Willie Salazar (vocals), Damon Delapaz (drums), Adam Lewis (bass), and Chris Lewis (guitar)--released two albums on MCA Records, both of which performed exceptionally well without the help of a major radio hit. 2001's LECHUZA sold over 150,000 copies and 1999's self-titled debut sold over 225,000. Fenix TX supported these releases by touring internationally & domestically with bands such as Bad Religion, Blink-182, Less Than Jake, 311, and New Found Glory.

Even with all the success, 2002 wasn't particularly a good year for Fenix TX or their fans. While on tour supporting LECHUZA, and in the midst of pre-production on their next release, the band announced onstage at a show in Portland, OR to a stunned crowd that they had decided to call it quits.

"The break-up was so sudden," says frontman Willie Salazar, "We were caught up in our creative differences, we never got to say a proper goodbye to our fans, and I know that disappointed a lot of people, me included."

He further explained in a recent interview with "When you're stuck in an RV, tour bus or van twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, eight weeks at a time, the only place you can go for solace is the iPod or CD player. Everybody was doing that for years. So when we went to record a new album, all the influences took our mind and music in different directions. Our differences provoked challenges, and our challenges provoked anger."

After the split, the band pursued other musical projects. Salazar and Lewis formed Denver Harbor with former F.o.N. members Aaron Rubin and Ilan Rubin and released SCENIC in October 2004 on Universal Records. Wherever they toured, fans continually asked them to reunite Fenix TX. The persistence paid off.

In early 2005, Salazar received a phone call from Delapaz and that was enough to get the band going again. "We got together and realized that playing together makes us happy," says Salazar, "We're familiarizing ourselves with each other and remembering the old songs, and we discovered that we're better musicians and the songs are tight."

As a thank-you to fans, Fenix TX will be performing 20-minute acoustic sets at a number of in-stores along the tour route starting the week of release. Here's the current schedule:

November 8/Tempe (Zia Thunderbird 4pm)
November 9/Tuscon (Zia Speedway 4pm)
November 10/San Diego, CA (Lou's 3pm)
November 11/Los Angeles, CA (Virgin, Hollywood location 4pm)
November 15/San Francisco, CA (Rasputins, Campbell location 5pm)
November 20/Portland, OR (Music Millennium 5pm)
December 1/Detroit, MI (Record Time 5pm)

"Purple Reign In Blood - Live" comes out November 8. The confirmed track listing is as follows:

Something Bad is Going to Happen
Phoebe Cates
Katie W
Minimum Wage
Tear Jerker
Pasture of Muppets
Fortunate Son
Abba Zabba
A Song For Everyone
Flight 601
Major Tom
All My Fault

Check out Fenix TX on tour!

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