Mugshots - not all of us have been there, but we have all seen them; the pictures of the drunk-driver who smashed into a telephone pole, the addict coming down from a bad high, or the burly brawler who started a little more than he could handle at the local bar. More often than not, they are unpleasant reminders of bad decisions gone even worse, for everyone with an internet connection to see.

Celebrities have it even worse. Celebrity mugshots make the rounds across all entertainment venues, and every terrible little flaw comes out. With makeup smeared, eyes bloodshot and an orange jumpsuit, no one ever looks as good as they do on the big screen or cable. That being said, some celebrities still manage to look pretty damn good in any given situation, even in the slammer. So here's ten dangerous mamas who still manage to look smoking hot, even when they've been caught with the smoking gun.

1. Carmen Electra

The Good

Carmen Electra has been many things - model, singer, personality and actress just to name a few. She even had an extinct insect named after her (Carmenelectra shechisme) because of her excellent "somal" structure (that means "body", in plain English.)

The Bad

Electra allegedly has a fiery personality. She was arrested in Miami Beach in 1999 for 'battering' her husband, Denis Rodman. While this may explain Rodman's strange and somewhat deranged personality now. Just take a look at our gorgeous husband-beater in her mugshot below. If she is dangerous, dangerous never looked so good.