If you've wanted to see events like the Metropolitan Opera or a Q&A with Kevin Smith, Fathom Events is bringing them to your zip code.

The company facilitates the simulcasting of events to local movie theaters across the country, allowing audiences to experience concerts, shows and events that they might not otherwise get to see. Thursday night, they presented Kevin Smith: Live From Behind, a three-hour event that took place in Toronto, but fans anywhere else could ask questions of the Clerks filmmaker via Twitter.

Smith discussed a wide range of topics, including his sympathetic treatment of family pets, while he and longtime friend and collaborator Jason Mewes also recorded a live installment of their podcast.

Future events include UFC fights, productions from the Metropolitan Opera and Britain's National Theatre, and a live look at an exclusive Leonardo da Vinci exhibit that was in London late last year.

Tickets for the events are a bit pricey (the Smith event was $18), but not entirely out of line considering these are exclusive showings - usually one or two nights only - of content that is not readily available to the public.

To give you a better idea of what a Fathom event is like, here's the trailer for the Kevin Smith evening:


For a calendar of upcoming Fathom events and to buy tickets, you can visit the upcoming events listing at Fathom Events' website.