Today's videos include the reaction to Michael Jackson's death by four video gamers; Adrenaline-Fueled Clips From Fast & Furious; and a French guy does "Thriller" A Cappella. But if you act now, you'll also get Megan Fox getting her tongue pierced; a Brazilian bikini model dance competition that turns into a hockey game; Chelsea Handler mocking her favorite topic again; and how to create a "roller coaster massacre". Check 'em all out!

The reaction of four friends after hearing that Michael Jackson died...

"Remember The Time":

Megan Fox gets her tongue pierced in this hilarious clip from Hope & Faith, that show she was on before she became the world's most desirable woman and mega-star, thanks to Transformers:

Megan Fox on "Hope & Faith":

A 100% a cappella version of "Thriller". Only thing is, the guy's like Jacques Pepin: French and with lisp...

A Cappella "Thriller":

Chelsea Handler & co. spoofed all the excitement from the finale of The Hills on "Chelsea Lately"...

Chelsea's "The Hills" Spoof:

Some guy took the time to make a step-by-step tutorial on how to massacre hundreds of people with a roller coaster in this hilarious Roller Coaster Tycoon video:

Are you ready? Fast & Furious is coming at you on DVD and Blu-ray July 28th! The "Fast & Furious" DVD and Blu-ray are packed with bonus features and a digital copy of the film for your electronic device viewing pleasure! To help you gear up for the release, here are a few clips from the film to checkout!

High Octane Action: The Stunts Bonus Feature

Shooting the Big Rig Heist Bonus Feature

Races-and-Chase Bonus Feature

Brazilian bikini Babes get all 'oh no you di'int" with each other:

Image © Janet Mayer / PR Photos