There's no better time to put your best foot forward than during New York Fashion Week, right? Sadly, a few celebs managed to miss the mark again and again.

Nicki Minaj likes to push the fashion envelope, but lately she's been pushing things right over the edge. She kicked off the week dressed as a geisha. She showed up to other events sporting things like a bizarre pretzel necklace, electric blue hair and a dress made of pom poms. And what about that tiger hat?

Thin is in always on the runway, but LeAnn Rimes put her skinny frame on display in a less than flattering way during Fashion Week. And she wore a baggy bandage dress. How is that even possible?

Finally, Jessica Szohr should learn how to maintain her new 'do. She paired a messy bob with an ill-fitting dress with a gigantic bow.

Check them all out in the video below: