It's that time of the week when we take a look at the latest fashion fails from Hollywood. This particular round-up features a few garish selections that may have looked interesting on the rack but ultimately fall flat on their face on the red carpet. 

Emma Stone was at her premiere for Easy A in a dress that showed off her frame but looked like it was suited for a musical interpretation of Cleopatra's life.

Christina Hendricks' dress is made of PEOPLE! Yes, that ridiculous color combination is due to the fact that cartoon women make up the pattern. Usually patterns like this look either nice close up and/or far away, but in this case it's neither. 

Our final entry is Kanye West, and you will have to watch the video above to get a look at his red suit and giant clock-thing. Our guess it is a clock in reference to Flavor Flav, but we really had no idea. 

Kanye West Photos