One of the greatest things about watching awards shows is critiquing the fashion. And although best dressed lists are fun, the worst dressed lists are even more entertaining. Check out some stars who should have looked in a mirror before leaving their homes:

There is so much wrong here it's hard to know where to start. Perhaps the mixing of brown plaid with neon green? Or maybe the flyaway bangs paired with shaved skull? Ick.

We're not really sure who Phoebe is, but she appears at a lot of awards shows. First, what's with the headband? Were they ever in style? Maybe for the gym in the 80s, but not an event like this! And is there some sort of rule about redheads wearing red? At least she matched her panties with the see-through lace dress.

First, the jacket dosn't fit (see how it stretches around his tummy?) Second, he looks like a ringmaster. He's not at the circus!

Story by Noelle Talmon contributing writer