Our fantasy TV crossovers are just that - fantasies. So why not put Neil Patrick Harris on Scrubs? Or pair two immortals together? The odds of these things happening are, well, probably a million to one. Nonetheless, we can't help but wish and hope.

How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs
With all the hoopla surrounding Britney Spears' appearance on "How I Met Your Mother," Alicia Silverstone, who was rumored to be playing the doctor to whom Spears is a receptionist, decided to postpone her appearance on the show. Instead, "Scrubs'" Sarah Chalke stepped into the role of the dermatologist removing Ted's "tramp stamp" tattoo.

But why stop there? How about a full-on crossover between the two shows? Barney could come down with a mysterious illness that forces him to check into Sacred Heart. We predict Barney would give The Todd a run for his money with the come-ons while a visit from newlyweds Lily and Marshall would surely lead to some wacky and desperate attempts to recapture the magic by new parents Carla and Turk. The best part is that a potential crossover could honestly work because behind all the silly, wacky humor are two shows about people who genuinely care about each other.

Heroes and The Office
Noah Bennet may be pretending to just be a regular Joe at Copy Kingdom, but while he's keeping up appearances, a visit to Dunder Mifflin is in order. Surely, Copy Kingdom or even Bennet's former employer/front company, Primatech Paper, need to get their paper supply from somewhere, so why not the best paper supplier in Scranton, Pennsylvania?

Jim and Michael could come to "Heroes" during a business trip and get caught up in some dangerous Company drama, but Michael Scott in the Heroes-verse might play a little too much like Steve Carell's upcoming Get Smart remake. We prefer a sneaky cameo from Bennet or the super-serious Bob on "The Office" instead. Their all business, no play attitudes would mix hilariously with some Dunder Mifflin customer dissatisfaction.

Supernatural and Veronica Mars
When Rob Thomas was pitching a fourth season of "Veronica Mars" to The CW, he envisioned Veronica four years older as a rookie FBI agent. The network passed on the idea, ultimately canceling the show altogether, but maybe they might be more receptive to this idea: resurrecting Veronica Mars as an FBI agent on "Supernatural." Think of the combined talent and hotness! Quick wits Veronica and Dean would spar and spark, but the super-sleuth would also be drawn to Sam's smarts and heart.

After finding out the truth about her colleague Henricksen's death, Veronica could become the Winchesters' ally on the inside. Even though they're presumed dead, we can't imagine the Winchesters' troubles with the law will ever be completely over and it couldn't hurt to have someone on their side pulling strings when needed.

Pushing Daisies, Psych and Monk
The emotionally and physically closed-off Piemaker, the OCD detective and the fake psychic - what a threesome! Much hilarity would be wrought from the combined issues and quirkiness, but between the three crime solvers' special talents, it would probably be a very short episode.

Chuck and Burn Notice
You know what Sarah and Casey need to keep Chuck in line, or even just in the car? Some training from "Burn Notice's" Michael Westen. The burned spy is currently out of work, so he should have some free time to teach Chuck the basics of staying alive. After the initial frustration and irritation, something tells us the wry, quick-witted Michael would become fond of the sarcastic Chuck.

Moonlight and New Amsterdam
What's better than one immortal working on a murder case? Two or three immortals, some of which are vampires. Mick and Josef travel to New York where they find themselves caught up in a murder case being investigated by Detective Amsterdam. They share really old stories and tips over beer and blood.

Gossip Girl and Dirty Sexy Money
If there's one thing this TV season has taught us it's that there can never be too many rich, successful, good-looking New Yorkers (see: "Gossip Girl," "Dirty Sexy Money," Cashmere Mafia, Lipstick Jungle). We'd love to see the kids of "Gossip Girl" hanging with some of the younger Darling clan. They can run into each other at the same fictional hot spot. Or perhaps Lily van der Woodsen and the other parentals run in the same social circle.

What TV crossovers would you like to see? Make a comment!

Story by Vlada Gelman
Starpulse.com contributing writer