Troubled singer Fantasia Barrino will hit the road for a tour in November - three months after her failed suicide attempt.
The former "American Idol" star survived a drug overdose on August 9 and later shocked fans by revealing the scare wasn't an accident and she meant to take her own life.
Barrino was quick to move forward with her music career; she took the first step toward putting the incident behind her with a Las Vegas concert on August 27 - her first performance after the suicide attempt - and the singer is pushing through her personal struggles by diving back into work.
Barrino will kick off the 30-city Back to Me tour in Richmond, Virginia on November 4.
Announcing the news, she says, "I'm so excited about this tour and having the chance to connect with my fans, the people that love me and have been supporting me through everything. This tour is going to be a real special, intimate experience for them and for me."

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