Billy Crystal has emerged as the clear favorite to replace Eddie Murphy as Oscars host in a new online poll. asked film fans to vote for the star they'd like to see on the Academy Awards stage in February as soon as the news about Murphy quitting the show hit the headlines on Wednesday morning.
Website editor Harry Medved tells WENN, "We put the poll up at 12 noon and we had over a thousand people voting in less than three hours."
Crystal is the early favorite in the ongoing poll with 16 percent of the vote, while The Muppets are ranking second with 14 percent and Tom Hanks is a distant third with 8 percent.
Also making the list were 2011 Golden Globe Awards host Ricky Gervais (7 percent) and former Oscars hosts Steve Martin and Whoopi Goldberg (both with 6 percent).
Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy and comedians Dave Chapelle and Zach Galifianakis are also winning votes.
Murphy quit as Oscars host a day after his pal Brett Ratner resigned as the show's producer over a homophobic slur he made during a movie question-and-answer session last week.
Crystal has hosted the Oscars eight times. He last fronted the show in 2003.