Two more challenge victories for the Kota tribe has left the Fang tribe searching for answers on Survivor: Gabon. With this episode in the books, Kota has now won 10 out of 12 challenges. In the reward challenge, Kota looked strong and determined, while Fang looked weak and uninspired. As Kota keeps winning rewards, they widen their advantage over Fang. The Kota tribe is well-fed and energized. Meanwhile, Fang is rationing what rice they have left so they will have enough to last them the next week. It looked as though there may have been hope for Fang at the immunity challenge. Matty and Kenny came from behind to catch up with the Kota members, but in the end Fang would fall short again, resulting in another trip to tribal council.

Ace realized two episodes ago that he was probably next on the chopping block. In order to save himself last week, he convinced everyone that GC was mentally checked out of the game and had to go. This week, he made a pact with Matty swearing on his mother's life that he would go with him and Kenny to a merge. Sugar, who is Ace's strongest ally, found the hidden immunity idol on Exile Island in the second episode. Ace somehow convinced Sugar to let him hold on to the hidden immunity idol until it is needed. After these two moves, Ace has brought himself from the edge of elimination to feeling safe within the tribe. At tribal council, it would be Kelly, the saleswoman from Illinois, who would receive all the votes but her own. Kelly was a spirited tribe member, but her performances at challenges were really hampering Fang's chances to win. At tribal council, host Jeff Probst asked the Fang members what they thought was going wrong. The tribemates conferred that there was a lack of teamwork, and Jeff agreed. With their problems diagnosed and their weakest member removed, perhaps there is hope for Fang yet.

I had mentioned before that the producers may try to bend the rules a little bit to try to even things out, since there really aren't any concrete rules to begin with. In a teaser it was revealed that next week both tribes will go to tribal council, meaning Kota will have to go for only their second time. Currently, I would guess that Crystal is on the block for Fang and Suzy is in danger on Kota. However, the teaser also suggested that this news really mixes things up at both camps, and on Survivor anything can happen.

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Story by Kevin Olsta

Starpulse contributing writer