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Real or fake? Extreme basketball shots:

More hot pics of KELLY CLARKSON!! - The Superficial

Hot sauce shots (your lips will burn just watching this) - Olivia

Alec Baldwin will get his @$$ kicked if he ever goes to the Philippines - Yahoo

Hayden Panettiere on a yacht. In a bikini. - IDLYITW

Coffee, Cigarettes, Alcohol: A Balanced Diet - Gawker

Top 10 Memories of Anticipating "The Phantom Menace" - Popcorn Monster

The torture photos Obama won't release - Holy Taco

MTV plans '16 & Pregnant' reality show. That'll be a fun one! - Kiss 107 "Related Purchase" fail - Fail blog

GQ photogs put Olivia Wilde into the lamest photoshoot ever. (She still looks good though) - On 205th

Apple frozen in liquid nitrogen:

Happy Birthday Phantom Menace

Image © David Gabber / PR Photos

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and his wife Adrienne co-own an organic clothing and furniture store in Oakland, California, called Atomic Garden.

"I love it there, in the woods. It's beautiful... It was needed to suit this period of reflection and introspection." British rocker Pete Doherty on his Wiltshire mansion.

"We have 80 people, 12 trucks, eight buses. There's f--king blow-up monsters and trapeze and bungee... Knock on wood, everything is fine, but I pray a lot." P!nk worries she might get hurt onstage as she travels across the U.S. on her first headlining tour.

Michael Jackson's Thriller is in the record books again after more than 240 students and staff at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia performed a mass 'zombie dance' to the tune last month. Officials at the Guinness Book of World Records have since notified the school that it has smashed the record for the largest dance rendition of "Thriller". The previous record was 147.

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