Aerosmith star Joey Kramer has befriended a one-legged fan who hurled his prosthetic limb onstage at a gig in a desperate bid to meet the band.
The rocker admits he was so impressed with the guy's efforts to get the group's attention he put the leg on his drum riser and then insisted on saying hi to its owner after the show.
He tells WENN, "We were doing a general admission show. Everybody's hands were in the air and about 50 feet back there was a guy literally holding up his artificial leg. I waved at him and he passed it up and we put it on the drum riser.
"A few songs later my tech said, 'Hey, he really needs his prosthetic leg back!' I said, 'OK, give it back and have him come back after the show.' He came backstage and we met and talked for a while and had a great time."
Bandmate Joe Perry adds, "It was a pretty imaginative way to get back to meet the band, but I wouldn't recommend it as a way - there are lots of ways to meet us rather than lopping off a leg."
And frontman Steven Tyler reveals Kramer still keeps in touch with the man: "He calls him Old Lefty."
The drummer explains, "It's inspiring when someone dares to get into a huge crowd with that challenge and this guy was somebody who said he was gonna rock out no matter what. We have a lot of respect for that."