Bill Engvall has won over audiences with the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and now he’s bringing his humorous and engaging personality to TBS in the brand new original comedy series "The Bill Engvall Show."

Playing a family counselor whose own family is hilariously unconventional, Engvall co-stars with Nancy Travis as his long-suffering yet amused wife. Also featured in the series are Tim Meadows and Steve Hytner, as well as Jennifer Lawrence, Graham Patrick Martin and Skyler Gisondo.

"The Bill Engvall Show" will premiere on Tuesday, July 17 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TBS. Each episode will be made available on broadband through, through VOD and through iTunes following its premiere on TBS. In addition, will offer an extension of the series in which Engvall’s Bill Pearson answers questions.

“When I do standup comedy, one of the comments I get from people is, ‘It’s as if you had a camera right in our house!’ That’s one of the reasons for the success I’ve had,” Engvall says. “And that’s what I want this show to be like. I want America to watch this TV family and say, ‘They’re just like us…only funnier.’”

Set in a Denver suburb, this new comedy stars Engvall as Bill Pearson, who works with dysfunctional families all day and comes home to what he expects to be a perfect family. But in reality, his family is unpredictable, somewhat absurd and just as mixed up as any other family. Bill’s wife, Susan (Travis), tries to keep the clan in line, but their three children – teenage daughter Lauren (Lawrence), sports and video-game enthusiast Trent (Martin) and musically talented neat freak Bryan (Gisondo) – know how to manipulate them.

As a father, Bill gets a big kick out of raising his kids, but he is often nothing more than a kid himself. When he does try to play a more traditional father figure, he occasionally goes overboard, such as when he obsessively tries to help Trent out with his passing game in football or winds up writing one of Trent’s research papers for school.

Bill has two close friends who both work in the same building he does. Podiatrist Bob Spoonerman (Hytner) is a real cut-up who provides Bill with frat boy-like temptations to do what he shouldn’t do. And hair-replacement specialist Paul DuFrayne (Meadows) who is somewhat jealous of what he sees as Bill and Susan’s domestic bliss. Both Paul and Bob are like an extended family to the Pearsons, with the kids seeing them as de facto uncles.