Season 8 of Family Guy debuted last night with an episode entitled "Road to the Multiverse," which was themed primarily as a spoof rallying around the obscure mid 90s sci-fi series Sliders. "Sliders" was the Jerry O'Connell lead series that had a group of lost people traveling around various universes that were all on the same plain of time and space in which each new society within every new universe visited was always extremely different from that of the previous.

Stewie and Brian were the sliders within "Family Guy" while the rest of the "Family Guy" characters were revealed as various versions of themselves within the various universes. They traveled to far out universes such as Robot Chicken Universe, Disney Drawn Universe, Washington Post Cartoon Universe, Planet of the Dogs Universe and my favorite: Really Far Away Guy Who Yells Compliments Universe.

Of course there was plenty of the usual off-color, crude and wrong on all level jokes that help make Family Guy one of the best shows on television. Some of the most brilliant were:

- Peter coming out of a tent at the Quahog Clam Day and complaining that the Half-Man/Half-Clam was really just Kim Cattrall sitting Indian-style.

- Quagmire living in a world that didn't have the Dark Ages Christian repression of scientific studies realizing that he had a night of poor sex that was in poor choice and that he needs to go out and take a Nyquil Cold, Flu and AIDS pill.

- Stewie and Brian landed in a universe in which everyone needs to take a poop at the most present moment, always.

- Stewie hoping that both he and Brain next land in a universe that only has Koreans which read through the lines as being, 'so they will all eat you because you're a dog Brian.'

- A JFK assassination spoof in which JFK is replaced by Mayor McCheese and after his head is blown off Mrs. McCheese gets up on the trunk of the car and starts eating his delicious brain.

All of these were wrong on some level, all of these offended a few and yet all of these were pure comedic brilliance that delivered belly laugh after belly laugh!
Seeing as how Family Guy is the type of show that makes you laugh as though they're tickling you through your television screen most every episode is at least an A; unless you are offended easily, and if this were to be the case the season premiere of Family Guy would receive an F.

Grade: Road to the Multiverse: A


Story by Eric Stromsvold

Starpulse contributing writer