Peter Griffin and Daenerys Targaryen are Hollywood's hot, albeit a little odd, new couple. That's right, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, 38, and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, 24, are reportedly dating.

The couple was spotted by photographers last week at the Cafe Brass Monkey, a popular karaoke bar in Los Angeles; and over the weekend the two stars were spotted getting cozy at an Emmy awards after-party.

"They were very intimate at a small table in the back of the party," a source at the HBO afterparty tells Life & Style magazine. "He put his hand on her thigh and rubbed it! They were very close and flirty."

But the two reportedly tried to keep their fling on the down-low during the party.

"When people came up to them, they moved apart like they were trying to hide that they're an item," the source says.

But according to MacFarlane had his arm around Clarke several times during the party.

The two stars; whose respective shows couldn't possibly be any more different; were spotted leaving Mel's Diner in Los Angeles after having lunch together on Tuesday, and were even seen making out in MacFarlane's car.

But their apparent relationship may have started months ago. Back in July the two attended a Playboy magazine and True Blood event in San Diego. Both stars were presumably in town for this year's annual Comic Con as they both had panels to attend for their shows; and MacFarlane also for his latest movie, Ted.