One way to deal with impending Armageddon is to build a castle, complete with a bunker and several years supply of food and water, and protect your family inside it.

For prepper Brent Sr., who fears an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) could result in complete power grid failure, a mountaintop castle is the perfect place to shield his family from harm if disaster strikes.

National Geographic Channel's new series "Doomsday Castle" shows how Brent Sr. and five of his 10 children finish the construction of his enormous, only half-completed castle isolated deep in the Carolina mountains in an undisclosed location. The family also tests their survival skills to find out if they each have what it takes to survive a coming apocalypse.

"I am a prepper. I believe the end of times are near, and few will survive the chaos," Brent Sr. says at the beginning of the episode. "I've called on my children to help me finish my life's work - a massive fortress to protect us. I will do whatever it takes to ready my family for the coming dark age and complete our Doomsday Castle."

The former Army infantry training officer and aeronautical engineer is joined by Brent II, Ashley, Lindsey, Dawn Marie and Michael as they figure what needs to be done to prepare a "safe haven" for the end of days.

"God is telling me, get ready because something is going to happen," says Dawn Marie, 20, who along with her siblings fully supports her father's vision.

In the premiere episode, the kids visit the castle in progress and start working on building a drawbridge and cleaning out the bunker. But before they even get started, a group of 20 "marauders" reign down on them, demonstrating how little the family knows about surviving a surprise attack.

The series is thoroughly entertaining and features an eclectic cast of characters ranging from the super focused twins Michael and Dawn Marie to the oldest sibling Brent II, who challenges his father's work while at the same time seeks his respect.

Not all gloom and doom, the show features plenty of lighter moments, particularly when Brent II builds a contraption to test the efficiency of the newly constructed drawbridge.

The show's tagline, "Nothing brings a family together like Armageddon," shows that despite their differences, a common goal unites them in case the world falls apart.

"Doomsday Castle" premieres Tuesday, August 13, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on National Geographic.