"New Girl"

What sophomore slump?  If you thought the comedy about the most adorable of dorks living with three guys was ripe with cleverness, eccentric humor and GIF-able moments in its first season, you weren’t prepared for the second.  Zooey Deschanel, Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson, and Lamorne Morris have bought the heat, the funny and the douchebaggery extra hard in "New Girl's" second season.   From Jess’ firing from her teaching job to Nick’s laugh-until-you-cry journey through a haunted house, “New Girl’s” second season is an epic combination of zaniness, bromance and even romance.  Which couple do you ship more, Jess and Nick or Schmidt and Cece?  It’s impossible to choose.  Either way, “New Girl” has just become the new standard for comedy. 

Grade: A

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