We're only two weeks into the fall season, and we have two series cancellations.  Let's see if we can keep up this "one canceled show a week" deal.  For the record, the goners are FOX's 'Lone Star' and ABC's 'My Generation,' both of which got dismal ratings.  Production was also halted on the Jimmy Smits drama 'Outlaw' and it's not looking good for ABC's 'The Whole Truth' either.  By next week there will likely be more network victims.

As of this week, no huge new hits have emerged.  FOX's 'Raising Hope' is doing fairly well following the hot 'Glee' and was awarded this week with a pickup of its back nine episodes.  It marks the season's first full-season pickup.  Cloris Leachman should rest easy that she'll have more time to take her top off.  The Keri Russell-Will Arnett that follows, 'Running Wilde,' is not doing so well.

ABC had a strong premiere with 'No Ordinary Family' last week and NBC should be happy with the performance of 'Law & Order: Los Angeles,' which outperformed is sibling, 'Law & Order: SVU.'  'Hawaii 5-0' remains the strongest newcomer in total viewers so far.

In terms of returning shows, 'Dancing With the Stars' continues to dominate.  Can its momentum allow it to top the made over 'American Idol'?  We'll find out in January.  'The Big Bang Theory' not only survived, but thrived, in its move to Thursdays against NBC's comedies.  CBS, as usual, had the most shows in the top 20.

Here are last week's top 10 shows, courtesy of Nielsen Media Research:

1. Dancing With the Stars

2. NBC Sunday Night Football


4. Dancing With the Stars - Results

5. NCIS: Los Angeles

6. Sunday Night NFL Pre-Kick

7. The Mentalist

8. Criminal Minds

9. Two and a Half Men

10. (tie) CSI

10. (tie) The Good Wife