Fall officially begins Sept. 22, but The Wicker Man (Sept. 1) deserves a spot on the list of upcoming creepy movies. In this remake, a young child has gone missing and it's up to a kindly but haunted sheriff (Nicolas Cage) to travel to the remote island community where she was last seen and solve the lingering mystery of her disappearance. The sheriff’s investigation is repeatedly stalled by the highly secretive, neo-pagan community that inhabits the island, and he soon discovers that there are still some cultures that refuse to play by the rules of modern society.

In The Covenant (Sept. 8), an ancient secret threatens to unleash the powers of darkness on a group of modern prep school students when the sole survivor of a cursed bloodline returns to lay claim to the powers denied to him centuries ago in a supernatural teen thriller.

The Project Greenlight film titled Feast (Sept. 22) centers on a group of strangers who must band together for survival against flesh-eating creatures that prey upon in an isolated tavern. Stars include Eric Dane, Navi Rawat, Krista Allen and Balthazar Getty.

First, there was the 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The sequel hit theaters in 1986, followed by film number three in 1990. Thirteen years later Jessica Biel starred in a remake of the 1974 film. And now there’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (Oct. 4) in which the origins of Leatherface will finally be revealed. Jordana Brewster stars.

Following in the footsteps of the successful Japanese import Ju-On The Grudge (remade simply as The Grudge in the United States), The Grudge 2 (Oct. 13) centers on a woman (Amber Tamblyn) who is affected by the same mysterious curse as her sister (Sarah Michelle Gellar). The curse brings together several people who work to unlock its secret and save their lives.

Saw III (Oct. 27) centers on Doctor Lynn Denlon, who is kidnapped and locked in a room with Jigsaw and his new apprentice Amanda. Lynn is forced to help Jigsaw, who is bedridden and close to death, while Jeff, another one of Jigsaw's victims, must complete a game of his own.

In The Reaping (Nov. 8) Hilary Swank plays ex-Christian missionary Katherine Winter whose conviction is tested. This saga takes place in a small Louisiana town that starts to experience biblical plagues, and Katherine must regain her faith in order to save the townsfolk.

Last but not least, a self-assured Midwestern girl (Sarah Michelle Gellar) finds her confidence gradually crumbling as a barrage of terrifying visions prompt her to investigate a brutal murder in The Return (Nov. 10).